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1100HP BMW E30 M3 w/ 2JZ(?) Toyota Supra Engine @ Nurburgring!

Video is of what look like a Scandinavian E30 M3 with a 2JZ engine at a track day at the Nurburging.

Film is shot from the pitlane as the M3 enters the straight. The 2Jz is literally throwing the little E30 up the track. If there was ever a case of something being over engined this is it and it’s awesome.

The film also has some shots in the paddock with some coverage of the engine bay the interior and the side exit exhaust.

Whats striking about this 2JZ powered M3 is the speed of the other Porsches on the track at the same time.

The M3 looks massively fast when it launches onto the straight but the Porsches seem to be able to keep up and turn into the corner at the end of the straight ahead of the BMW.

Whatever the case may be, this BMW is by far the most exhilarating car on this track day.

E30 M3 Buying Guide Collection – E30 M3 Buying Guides From Forums, Magazines & Specialists

The E30 M3 has been judged by EVO Magazine in the UK to be the best M car in history.

Today we take BMW’s ‘M’ cars almost for granted, but back in the mid-’80s the company’s motorsport division had put its initial on just three road-going models: the M1 supercar, the similarly engined M635CSi and the mildly tweaked M535i. Yet while each of these cars intrigued and impressed, none of them would be talked about as much as the next road car to emerge from the M Division, the E30 M3.

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M3 Turbo Kits

The E36 and E46 M3s have, to state the obvious, amazing engine from the factory. But if you are looking for more power, the S50 and S54 engines respond extremely well to forced induction. This is a list of M3 turbo kits for the E36 M3 & turbo kits for the E46 M3s. Continue reading

M3 Supercharger Kits E90, E92

M3 Supercharger Kits – BMW E90, E92 M3 Tuning

Supercharging seems to be by far the most popular form of forced induction for the E90 & E92 M3. This is probably down to the lack of spaces with the V8 engine and lack of imagination when it comes to mounting the turbos.

Whatever the case may be, mechanical supercharger kits for the M3 certainly get the job done. Below are links to manufacturers of M3 supercharger kits. If your company makes a kit, let us know! Continue reading

BMW E36 M3 Tuning

This is a brief guide to tuning the BMW E36 M3 that was supplied in America

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Differences between E46 M3

The US version of the E36 M3 had considerably less power than the Euro E46 M3 but it is possible to get the power of the standard engine close to the power made by the Euro E46 M3 motor.

The US Spec E36 M3 came with the S52 engine which was rated at 240bhp at the flywheel, some way short of the 300+bhp of the Euro M3.

If you want to make your E36 M3 as fast as an E46 M3 this is what you need to do.

First of all the differences between the E46 M3 engine and the E36 engine.

The E46 motor is slightly larger by 95cc and the E36 M3 also has a lower compression ration 10.5:1 vs 11.5:1. The E36 also only has a single throttle body while the E46 M3 has individual throttle bodies.

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Engine Tuning

To address the issue of throttle bodies BimmerWorld supply an M50 inlet manifold conversion which adds around 20whp to the top end because it has larger diameter pipework.

BimmerWorld also carry an OBD2 can kit which gives an extra 18whp.

The engine modifications should take your S52 E36 M3 to around 260whp.

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Add Lightness

To increase the acceleration further add lightness

DTM Fibrewerkz make a carbon fibre hood/bonnet and carbon fibre boot/trunk lid which save around 20kg over the standard parts.

A performance exhaust can save massive weight as well over the standard system, UUC’s exhaust for example saves around 16kg of weight.

With these mods you should see 0-60mph times of around 4.9seconds which is a full second quicker than stock.

The engine mods should also see the 1/4mile in about 13.5seconds.


BMW Tuners

bmw_tunersBMW Tuner Directory – Links to UK BMW Garages and BMW Tuning Specialists offering performance upgrades routine servicing, repairs and track preparation on all models of BMWs from the E21 3 Series up to the E60 M5. Includes E36 M3 specialists, car sales of imported BMWs fromGermany. Tuners listed offer a massive range of parts as well as BMW tuning upgrades.

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BMW E36 Tuning

BMW E36 Tuning Guide from StrikeEngine. Proven tuning upgrades which are low cost and effective as well as BMW OE part interchangability allowing you to get the best possible parts at the lowest price and also opens up a whole new range of parts that will fit the E36 BMW.

Shop at – BMW E36 325i Parts

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BMW E46 CSL Buying

BMW M3 CSL Buying Guide – M3 CSL Problems – M3 CSL Tuning Upgrades

The E46 BMW M3 and E46 BMW M3 CSL buying guide from StrikeEngine. The information from this guide was gathered from EVO Magazine, Issue 81, July 05. Please bear this in mind when looking at the used values.
The discovery that BMW’s new M3 CSL would be different arrived some days before the car. I received a letter stating politely but firmly that I was not to let anyone else drive the CSL and that they’d not release the car to me until I’d agreed as much in writing. Continue reading

BMW E30 Buying

E30 Buying Guide – E30 325i Buying Guide

The E30 was the last of the old school, bulletproof build quality BMWs, the days when the use to over engineer German cars. The E30 is probably the nicest looking BMW ever made although everyone has their own opinion! This buying guide focuses on the E30 325i because it is the most powerful E30, Continue reading