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Ferodo Premier Brake Pads Long Term Test – Part 1 2013.4.29

This month we decided to try out some low-cost brake pads from a mainstream manufacturer. We have been using performance brake pads for so long we wanted to make sure we were still getting value for money. Continue reading

Brake Caliper Information

The brake caliper is the assembly which houses the brake pads and pistons. The pistons are generally made from aluminum or chrome-plated steel.

Calipers are two types, floating or fixed. A fixed jaw is not moved with respect to the disk and therefore less tolerant disc imperfections. The use of one or more single or pairs of opposing clamping pistons on both sides of the disc, and is complex and costly a floating thickness.

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Brake Discs Information

Brake discs information. The disc brake or disk brake has a brake, which slows down rotation of the wheel by the friction caused by pressing brake pads against a brake disc with a set of calipers. The brake disc (or rotor in American English) is usually made of cast iron, but in some cases be made of composite materials such as reinforced carbon-carbon or ceramic matrix composites. This is connected with the wheel and / or the shaft. To the wheel, the friction material in the form of brake pads mounted on an apparatus said magnet bow stop mechanically forced hydraulically, pneumatically or electromagnetically from both sides of the disc.Friction causes the brake discs and attached wheels to slow or stop. Brakes transform motion and heat to warm the brakes less effective, a phenomenon that is fading.

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Brake Pads Information from Wikipedia

Brake pads are a part of disc used in automotive and other applications. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material bonded to the surface that the disc brake rotor.

Brake Pads – Function

Brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle to thermal energy through friction. Two pads are included in the caliper with their friction surfaces facing the rotor.  When the hydraulic brakes are applied, the caliper clamps or Continue reading

Winmax Japan – High Performance Brake Pads & Brake Discs

Long established Japanese manufacturer of performance brake discs and brake pads.

Winmax have a huge range of compounds for the brake discs which includes brake pads for rally, circuit, street, sports and endurance.

Winmax range of brake pads carry the name ARMA.

Trimat Brake Pads

Trimat is a specialist UK manufacturer of friction materials that offers premium quality products and service to a worldwide customer base.

Established in 1962, Trimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares

Brake Components, Friction Materials and Brake Pads. rimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares


Brake Hoses – How They Work

The job of brake hose is to give a channel by which the fluid can act. When the brake pedal is pushed the pressure is transferred into the brake fluid which transfers the pressure tot he brake pad.

The brake hose must no leak, it must be flexible and it should not bulge.

Obviously if a brake hose leaks the pressure from the brake pedal is wasted by forcing the fluid out of the braking system instead of pushing the brake pad against the brake discs. If the leak is bad enough it will lead to all of the brake fluid escaping from the brake system resulting in no brakes.

The brake hoses must be flexible. The brake caliper moves up and down with the wheel in relation tot he body of the car. The brake hoses must be able to sustain this constant movement indefinitely while still performing its job.

Brake hoses must not bulge. As brake fluid gets hot in can make the brake lines more flexible meaning that instead of the pedal force being transmitted to the piston in the brake caliper the force is used to bulge the brake line. If the brake line is old enough and/or abused enough this can lead to a soft brake pedal.

Performance brake hoses from firms like HEL are designed never to bulge and to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

While performance brake lines are not as critical as performance brake pads they are another step in improving the capabilities of your cars brake system.


Brake Pads

StrikeEngine – Links to performance brake pad manufacturers. Performance brake pads for the street and the track.


Performance Brake Pad Manufacturers

AP Racing
Carbone Lorraine
Performance Friction
RoeschTrimat Continue reading

Brake Fade Symptoms

First of all let’s recap on how brakes work, specifically disc brakes.


Disc brakes consist of brake pads and brake discs. The brake pads clamp onto the brake discs when the brake pedal is pushed. This creates friction between the brake pads and the brake discs which creates heats.


This heat is the key to how brake systems work; they convert kinetic energy to heat energy. The faster they can do this the faster your car will stop.


Brake fade happens when the heat created is too much for the brake pad to handle. All brake pads have a specific heat range in which they work well. If a brake pad is too hot or too cold they do not work properly.


Brake pad effectiveness is measured by its coefficient of friction. Companies like Ferodo will publish a graph for its brake pads which show how the coefficient of friction of the brake pad changes with temperature.


Brake fade happens when the brake pad becomes so hot it takes the brake pad outside its temperature window where it is most effective.


When brake pads overheat they emit gasses and can start to shed material onto the brake disc.


The symptoms of brake are pushing the brake pedal harder but the car does not stop any faster. In other words the stopping power loses connection with how hard you press the brake pedal.


Needless to say this is a very disconcerting feeling.


There is another type of brake fade. Whereas brake fade that is down to inappropriate brake pads the second type of brake fade is down to not properly maintaining the brake system


The second type of brake fade is related to the brake fluid in the system. Over time brake fluid absorbs water from the air and the more water it absorbs to more compressible it becomes. You can feel this compressibility as a soft/mushy brake pedal.


In the extreme, brake fade down to old brake fluid can lead to a driver push the brake pedal all the way to the floor with little increase in stopping power. Arguably, brake fade because of old brake fluid is more dangerous than brake fade due to low quality brake pads.


Fortunately there are things that can be done to a car’s braking system to massively improve the braking system to brake fade.


The most obvious step is to flush out the old brake fluid completely and refresh with the new brake fluid. This will give immediate benefits. First of all the brake pedal will fell much stronger, it will give much more resistance and the car will seem to stop with less effort.


The second step is to upgrade brake pads. The brake pads fitted to cars from the factory are designed to bring a car to a stop from high speed once, possibly twice in quick succession. After this brake fade usually starts to happen. This problem is quite easy to solve as there are many companies selling brake pads which are designed to work at higher temperatures than the original brake pads. These pads will be priced the same as what you get from a main dealer but they will far outperform the main dealer brake pads both for service life and in stopping power when hot. Brands like Ferodo and EBC make high performance brake pads for road use. Speak to your local performance car part dealer for advice on the pads which are best for you.


So in summary, brake fade is due to the braking system being asked to deal with more heat than it can handle. To raise the heat capacity of your car’s braking system new and/or uprated brake fluid should be used as well as performance orientated brake pads. Like most things, you get what you pay for, while there are cheap brake pads available their service life will not compare to performance brake pads costing 4 or 5 times as much.


With uprated brake pads and uprated/new brake fluid your car’s braking system will have a much higher heat capacity meaning you can drive your car harder before you start feeling brake fade.

D2 Racing Sport

D2 Racing Sport Website

D2 Racing Sport is a Taiwanese manufacturer of performance suspension and performance brake kits.

D2 Racing Sport offers a variety of coil over suspension systems to suit many uses. Their range starts off with “Street” and climaxes in their “Racing” suspension kit which utilises remote reservoir technology.

Many D2 coil over suspension kits come with camber adjustment by way of adjustable top mounts. D2 products have proved to be very popular throughout the world both for the quality of their product and the price.

D2 use a modular system for their coil over suspension systems which greatly reduces the cost some rebuild time. Unlike many coil over suspension kit manufacturers D2 utilises a system where all the major components are separate from the main damper unit.

Although this does make D2 suspension kits heavier than kit from other companies it does mean that instead of requiring a rebuild the damper cartridges are simply replaced. If you have ever inquired about getting your TEIN suspension kit replaced you will know what we mean when we say they are not cheap to rebuild.

Another benefit of the modular system that D2 uses is that parts can easily be replaced if the unit is damaged at all. The top bottom and centre sections are all separate on a D2 suspension kit which means if you damage the bottom mount you do not need to buy a complete suspension unit, you simply replace the part that is damaged.

D2 big brake kits have been popular for many years. D2 offers probably the largest range of big brake kits on the market today, both with regards to the variety of discs sizes available and also in the number of cars that are covered by it’s application list.

Unlike most companies which use a 4 piston caliper, D2 front brake kits start with a 6 piston caliper. The greater the number of pistons the more even the pressure across the brake pad giving more effective braking.

For their 330mm and bigger kits, D2 uses 2 piece brake discs which save considerable weight versus one piece discs used by most big brake kit manufacturers for this size.

D2 brake kits come complete with all mounting hardware required to fit and the packaging and instructions are first rate.

UK Dealers: Big Brake Kits 4 U, Jap Shop

Brake Lines

Brake Lines – Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines for Advanced Road and Motorsport

Links to manufacturers of braided brake lines for high performance automotive use. Braided brake lines give your brake pedal amore positive feel giving you more confidence to take your brakes to the limit. Braided brake lines are one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make to your car, Continue reading

Big Brake Kit

Big Brake Kits

Big Brake Kit Manufacturers at – Big brake kits massively improve the stopping power of whatever they car fitted up to. Big brake kits use brake pads with a larger surface area which improves the braking power and also increases the leverage of the caliper on the discs. More braking power less pressure required on the brake pedal. Big brake kits will massively improve the driver’s confidence.  Big brake kits come with all parts required to fit including performance brake padsperformance brake discsbrake lines, brackets,calipers and in some cases fluid.

Big Brake Kit from K-Sport featuring 8 piston caliper

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EBC YellowStuff Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff according to EBC Brakes is equivalent to Ferodo DS2500 brake pads. EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are available for a massive range of cars.

One issue with the EBC catalogue is that they may not list EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads for your car even though they are available. However there is an easy way to get around this issue. EBC have a common sense format for their brake pad part numbers.

A typical EBC brake pad part number would look something like this: DP21435

If we break down this part number DP simply donates that it is a brake pad we are talking about
The next number, 2, donates the brake pad compound
2=EBC Green Stuff
3=EBC Red Stuff
4=EBC Yellow Stuff

The remaining numbers in the brake pad product number are unique to the car that the pads are for.

So given this it is now possible to work out if EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are available for your car even though Yellow Stuff pads are not listed for your car in the EBC brakes catalogue.

So for example your car uses EBC Green Stuff DP21435 brake pads and this is listed as the upgrade brake pad for your car. But you want a brake pad that is stronger the Green Stuff you simply replace the 2 in the part number with a 4.

To find out if EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are available for your car and to find out a price copy and paste this new part number for your Yellow stuff brake pads into the part number search box on the EBC Brake Direct website. This will tell you if EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are available for your car and also how much they cost.

If you are in the USA EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are available from Amazon here>>> EBC Yellow Search

EBC Yellowstuff are available around the world

EBC Dealers UK

EBC Dealer UK – EBC Brakes Direct


EBC Dealer UK – Euro Performance

EBC Dealers France

EBC Dealer France – EBC France

EBC Dealers Greece

EBC Dealer Greece – Street & Circuit

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