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E30 M3 Buying Guide Collection – E30 M3 Buying Guides From Forums, Magazines & Specialists

The E30 M3 has been judged by EVO Magazine in the UK to be the best M car in history.

Today we take BMW’s ‘M’ cars almost for granted, but back in the mid-’80s the company’s motorsport division had put its initial on just three road-going models: the M1 supercar, the similarly engined M635CSi and the mildly tweaked M535i. Yet while each of these cars intrigued and impressed, none of them would be talked about as much as the next road car to emerge from the M Division, the E30 M3.

A bit of background on the E30 M3 from Wikipedia Continue reading

Winter Tyre Tyre Test – EVO Magazine

EVO Magazine issue 163 did a comprehensive tyre test comparing winter, summer and all season tyres in different conditions to see if it really was worth changing your tyres to match the weather. The test results were surprising especially on snow (all data taken from EVO Magazine issue 163)

Tyres Tested

Continental Contiwintertechcontact TS 830P 177GBP – Winter Tyre

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D SUCC 165GBP – Winter Tyre

Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 2 189GBP – Winter Tyre

Michelin Alpin A4 222GBP – Winter Tyre

Nangkang Snow SV-2 94GBP – Winter Tyre

Pirelli Sottozero W240 Serie 2 165GBP – Winter Tyre

Hankook Optimo 4S 133GBP – All Season Tyre

Kumho Solus Vier 115GBP – All Season Tyre

Vredestein Quatrac 3 144GBP – All Season Tyre

Continental Contisportcontact 3 127GBP – Summer Tyre


Snow Traction

deN %
Goodyear Winter Tyre 291.3 100
Pirelli Winter Tyre 281 96.4
Conti Winter Tyre 277.8 95.4
Michelin Winter Tyre 276 94.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre 274.9 94.4
Dunlop Winter Tyre 262.4 90.1
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 250.1 85.9
Nangkang Winter Tyre 239.2 68.9
Kumho All Weather Tyre 200.7 68.9
Conti Summer Tyre 69 23.7


Braking Distance Snow

Metres %
Conti Winter Tyre 19.7 100
Goodyear Winter Tyre 19.9 99.1
Dunlop Winter Tyre 20 98.5
Michelin Winter Tyre 21.6 90.5
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 21.8 89.6
Pirelli Winter Tyre 22.4 86.4
Hankook All Weather Tyre 22.5 85.6
Nangkang Winter Tyre 23.8 79.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre 27 63.2
Conti Summer Tyre 72.7 -152.4















Wet Lap Times

Seconds %
Michelin Winter Tyre 87.2 100
Pirelli Winter Tyre 87.3 99.9
Conti Winter Tyre 88.3 98.8
Hankook All Weather Tyre 88.6 98.4
Goodyear Winter Tyre 88.7 98.4
Dunlop Winter Tyre 89.1 97.9
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 90.4 96.5
Conti Summer Tyre 91.6 95.3
Nangkang Winter Tyre 92.6 94.2
Kumho All Weather Tyre 92.9 93.9

Wet Circuit Feel

Score %
Pirelli Winter Tyre 63.5 100
Michelin Winter Tyre 57 89.8
Conti Summer Tyre 54 85
Dunlop Winter Tyre 53.5 84.3
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 53 83.5
Conti Winter Tyre 53 83.5
Goodyear Winter Tyre 50.5 79.5
Hankook All Weather Tyre 48.5 76.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre 39 61.4
Nangkang Winter Tyre 29.5 46.5


Aquaplaning Speed Straight

kph %
Conti Summer Tyre 79.6 100
Conti Winter Tyre 71.4 89.7
Michelin Winter Tyre 71.3 89.6
Dunlop Winter Tyre 70.7 88.8
Pirelli Winter Tyre 70.5 88.6
Hankook All Weather Tyre 70 87.9
Kumho All Weather Tyre 69.8 87.7
Goodyear Winter Tyre 69.3 87.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre 67.7 85.1
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 65.7 82.5


Aquaplaning Speed Turning

m/s/s %
Conti Summer Tyre 3.51 100
Pirelli Winter Tyre 3.22 91.7
Conti Winter Tyre 2.86 81.5
Goodyear Winter Tyre 2.8 79.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre 2.77 78.9
Michelin Winter Tyre 2.73 77.7
Dunlop Winter Tyre 2.65 75.5
Hankook All Weather Tyre 2.5 71.2
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 2.49 70.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre 2.22 63.2


Braking Distance Wet

metres %
Conti Winter Tyre 35.8 100
Hankook All Weather Tyre 36.5 98
Michelin Winter Tyre 36.9 96.9
Pirelli Winter Tyre 36.9 96.9
Goodyear Winter Tyre 37.5 95.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre 37.6 94.9
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 37.9 94.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre 41.2 84.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre 41.4 84.4
Conti Summer Tyre 43 80


Dry Circuit Lap Times

Seconds %
Conti Summer Tyre 114.6 100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 117.7 97.4
Conti Winter Tyre 118.1 97.1
Kumho All Weather Tyre 118.2 97
Dunlop Winter Tyre 118.3 96.9
Hankook All Weather Tyre 118.4 96.8
Nangkang Winter Tyre 118.9 96.4
Goodyear Winter Tyre 118.9 96.4
Michelin Winter Tyre 119 96.3
Pirelli Winter Tyre 119.2 96.1


Dry Circuit Feel

Score %
Conti Summer Tyre 59.5 100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 48.5 81.5
Kumho All Weather Tyre 45 75.6
Hankook All Weather Tyre 43.5 73.1
Michelin Winter Tyre 43 72.3
Conti Winter Tyre 41.5 69.7
Goodyear Winter Tyre 41.5 69.7
Nangkang Winter Tyre 41 68.9
Pirelli Winter Tyre 36.5 61.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre 34.5 58


Noise Comfort

Score %
Conti Summer Tyre 27.5 100
Michelin Winter Tyre 24.5 89.1
Nangkang Winter Tyre 23 83.6
Conti Winter Tyre 21.5 78.2
Goodyear Winter Tyre 21.5 78.2
Pirelli Winter Tyre 21.5 78.2
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 21 76.4
Kumho All Weather Tyre 20 72.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre 20 72.7
Dunlop Winter Tyre 20 72.7


Dry Braking Distance

Metres %
Conti Summer Tyre 37.1 100
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 41.6 89.1
Hankook All Weather Tyre 42.5 87.3
Dunlop Winter Tyre 42.9 86.5
Nangkang Winter Tyre 43 86.3
Conti Winter Tyre 43 86.3
Goodyear Winter Tyre 43.4 85.5
Pirelli Winter Tyre 43.4 85.5
Kumho All Weather Tyre 43.5 85.3
Michelin Winter Tyre 43.6 85.1


Rolling Resistance

Coeffiecent of Friction %
Pirelli Winter Tyre 0.943 100
Dunlop Winter Tyre 0.947 99.5
Conti Winter Tyre 0.952 99
Nangkang Winter Tyre 0.975 96.6
Goodyear Winter Tyre 0.981 96
Michelin Winter Tyre 0.994 94.8
Kumho All Weather Tyre 1.036 90.3
Conti Summer Tyre 1.042 89.6
Vredestein All Weather Tyre 1.070 86.7
Hankook All Weather Tyre 1.084 85.3

Focus RS MK1 Buying Guide

The Focus RS was built in the Saarlouis plant at a rate of 30 a day maximum

Typical VIN number for the MK Focus RS is WFoBXXACD

The engine number of the car should match the last 7 digits of the VIN

The Focus RS came with a unique leather-covered log book with RS on the cover. There should also be an additional RS manual specifically for the RS.

The Focus RS was launched in 2002 and a total of 4501 were built and it cost 19,995GBP new Continue reading

Japanese Car Importers –

Japanese Car Importer LINKS. UK Agents and Dealers for JDM cars. Japanese cars imported are Modified, Drift and EX Tuner cars. Dealer sites contain stock lists, photos, specs and prices.

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Car Buying Guide General

UK Used Car Price Guide and Used Car Buying information from StrikeEngine. Includes used car valuations and Used Car listings from Privates Seller and Trade Used Car Dealers in the UK the Parkers Price Guide and Autotrader websites along with owners comments and test drives.

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Mini Buying Guide R50-R53

MINI Buying guide including video based on an article in EVO Magazine September 2006. Written by Roger Green

How can you call a car that sold nearly 45,000 examples in the UK last year a cult classic? Well, you can’t, and yet despite its massive numbers the BMW Mini still somehow cultivates that in-crowd vibe. Continue reading

Noble Buying Guide M12

Noble M12 Buying Guide covering part prices, servicing costs, suspension, gearboxes, chassis, bodywork, brakes, and the engines found in the Noble M12

Noble M12 GTO Specifications

Layout Mid-engine,
transverse, rear
wheel drive
Engine V6, 2544cc, twin
Power 310hp@6000rpm
Torque 320lbs/ft@3500rpm
Suspension Front: Double
wishbone, coil
springs, gas
Rear: Double
wishbones, coil
springs, gas
Tyres Front: 225/40-ZR18
Rear: 265/35-ZR18
Bridgestone S-03
Power to Weight 321bhp/Ton
0-60mph 4.1secs
Top Speed 165mph
Price When New £45,550


Noble M12 M400 Specifications

Layout Mid-engine,
transverse, rear
wheel drive
Engine V6, 2968cc, twin
Power 425hp@6000rpm
Torque 390lbs/ft@3500rpm
Suspension Front: Double
wishbone, coil
springs, dynamic
Rear: Double
wishbones, coil
springs, dynamic
Tyres Front: 225/40-ZR18
Rear: 265/35-ZR18
Pirelli P Zero Corsa
Power to Weight 407bhp/Ton
0-60mph 3.5secs
Top Speed 185mph
Price When New £55,995



Noble M12 Buying Guide

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Mitsubishi EVO Buying Guide

Mitsubishi EVO Buying Guide

Mitsubishi Evolution Buying Guide. Like most performance cars, the Mitsubishi Evolution CANNOT be run on a shoestring budget. Although some of the earlier Mitsubishi EVOs can be had for bargain prices an EVO certainly cannot be run on a shoestring budget. Insurance, servicing and parts all take their toll.

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Nissan 350Z Buying

Nissan 350Z Buying Guide

Nissan 350Z buying guide. The Nissan 350Z came with 3.5litre V6 engines and rear wheel drive. The old school approach Nissan took with the design of the 350Z meant that the 350Z was immensely popular meaning that the used values are some of the strongest in the industry. Continue reading


Nissan Primera/G20 Buying

Primera P11 Buying Guide

This Nissan Primera was released in 1990 and is produced up until this day. This buying guide focuses on the P11 chassis Primera which was produced from 1996 until 2002. The P11 car received a facelift in 1999 but the car remained mechanically identical. The Primera was available with may different engines but this guide will focus on the 2litre models which can with the legendary SR20DE unit which is the direct relation of the SR20DET as used in the Pulsar and Sunny GTIRs as well as the S14 and S15 200SX. Continue reading

Honda Civic Type-R Buying Guide

Civic Type R Buying Guide – Civic Type-R Buying Advice

Honda Civic Type R buying guide. A Civic Type-R buying guide cover the major areas which need to be looked at when buying an EP3 Civic Type-R

Civic Type-R Buying Guide (EP3) – Background

Arguably the first true hot hatch since the Peugeot 205GTI the Civic Type-R came with amazing handling and a super high tec engine which made and still does, make most European hot hatch engines look stupid. The Civic Type-R came with a K20 series motor which makes 197bhp from 1998cc allowing the Civic to go 0-100km/h in 6.8seconds and 0-160km/h in 16.9seconds.

The EP3 came with a seam welded shell, something usually reserved for motorsport to increase chassis stiffness.

Civic Type-R Buying Guide (EP3) – Body

Rust isn’t an issue on the Type-R. If there is rust on the car your looking at, it suggests badly repaired accident damage. Civic Type-Rs can crash either end so check the front and the rear of the car for any signs of damage.

Side skirts are very expensive so check for damage on these parts, bumpers are much cheaper.

Enkei wheels comes as standard. These wheels were not lacquered on the inside which means corrosion can creep under the lacquer on the face making them look tatty.

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BMW E46 CSL Buying

BMW M3 CSL Buying Guide – M3 CSL Problems – M3 CSL Tuning Upgrades

The E46 BMW M3 and E46 BMW M3 CSL buying guide from StrikeEngine. The information from this guide was gathered from EVO Magazine, Issue 81, July 05. Please bear this in mind when looking at the used values.
The discovery that BMW’s new M3 CSL would be different arrived some days before the car. I received a letter stating politely but firmly that I was not to let anyone else drive the CSL and that they’d not release the car to me until I’d agreed as much in writing. Continue reading

BMW E30 Buying

E30 Buying Guide – E30 325i Buying Guide

The E30 was the last of the old school, bulletproof build quality BMWs, the days when the use to over engineer German cars. The E30 is probably the nicest looking BMW ever made although everyone has their own opinion! This buying guide focuses on the E30 325i because it is the most powerful E30, Continue reading