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Hackers Hack Jeep – Take Control Of Brakes & Steering – A Car Insurance Nightmare

As any hacker will tell you. There is no such thing as a secure system, only a system that has not been hacked yet.

About the exploit exposed by hackers on the Jeep from From Ausmotive

hackersThey did this by attacking the car’s Uconnect system, which provides internet access. Continue reading


Track Day Insurance Information


And types of insurance cover:
This is an accidental damage policy designed to cover your car if you have an accident on the track or another participant causes damage to your car. Track day insurance coverage is limited and do not follow all the requirements of the standard motor insurance.
Key features and benefits (what is covered):
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Car Insurance Information Wikipedia

performance_car_insuranceCar insurance (also known as auto insurance, GAP insurance, transport insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. The primary use for the financial protection against property damage and / or personal injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also result therefrom. The specific conditions of the vehicle insurance varies with the legal requirements in each region.

Car Insurance – Governmental

In many jurisdictions it is compulsory for car insurance before making or keeping of a motor vehicle on public roads. Most countries relate insurance to both the car and the driver, but the degree of each varies greatly.

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Honda Insurance

honda_insuranceHonda Insurance Specialists – Modified Honda Insurance Brokers

If your looking for Honda insurance your not short of brokers that you can phone for a quote for your Civic, CRX, S2000, Jazz, Accord or whatever Honda you may be driving. But if your reading StrikeEngine your probably driving a modified Honda which, for the non-specialist or high street insurance broker this can set alarm bills ringing and the price of the quote upwards. Continue reading


Nissan Insurance UK


Nissan Insurance Specialists

The insurance companies on this page offer Nissan insurance but specifically insurance cover for imported Nissans. Nissan have made made big power cars over the years including the Skyline, 350Z, 370Z, Pulsar/Sunny GTIR and 300ZX. The companies listed on this page will be able to
quote you for insurance on your Nissan be it modified mildly tuned or bone stock.

Nissan Insurance Specialists

Search These Insurance Companies

Advance Insurance

Barry Grainger

Insurance Factory

Sky Insurance

Mark Richard Insurance

Simply Insurance – Tel: 0800 612 9376

Academy Insurance Services – Tel: 0800 288 9246

Adrian Flux Insurance – Tel: 0800 505 3000

A Plan Insurance – Tel: 0845 071 1234

Warwick Davies – Tel: 08717 502107

Heritage – Tel: 0845 3385033

Haden Welbeck – Tel: 0845 130 4151

BasildonInsurance – Tel: 0800 288 9210

Keith Michaels – Tel: 0845 337 3380

Tett Hamilton – Tel: 01275 792270

Nissan Insurance Specialists

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