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Chip Tuning Boxes – Top 5 Companies

Chip Tuning Boxes – Top 5 Companies

Top 5 Chip Tuning Box companies on this page make plug and play tuning boxes for petrol and diesel engines. These chip tuning boxes do not alter the factory ECU code so are not detectable by a main dealer if they are removed before going for service. Continue reading

Camshaft Information from How Stuff Works

If you read the article How Car Engines Work, you know about the valves that allow air / fuel into the engine and exhaust on the engine. The camshaft (called party uses cam lobes) which push against the valves open as the camshaft rotates; springs on the valves return them to their closed position. This is a critical work, and can have a big impact on engine performance at different speeds. On the next page of this article, you can see the animation, we have built to really show you the difference between a camshaft and a performance standard.

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Motive Components Ltd

We make and supply; Heads, Head kits, lifters, oil pumps, gaskets, bearings, valves, cams, rocker arms, followers, and timing chains for European and Japanese engines. We employ the highest quality so much so our warranty return rate is 0.005% So for extreme high quality OEM and aftermarket parts priced for the wholesale trade, look no further. We here at Motive supply t some of the world’s biggest whole sale distributors, because we specialise in what we do we can offer top quality parts with good margins to the wholesale trade. Continue reading


Connecting Rods

connecting-rodsCon rod manufacturers and connecting rod dealers in the UK, USA and Europe 

Con Rod Manufacturers

Carrillo Industries Inc, San Clemente, USA
DR Racing Parts (China)
Max Speeding Rods
Par Engineering – Australia
Pure Performance Motorsport – Melbourne Australia
Arrow Precision Engineering 
CP Pistons

Connecting Rod Accessories

Calico Coatings

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Darton VR38DETT Sleeved Block with Modular Integrated Deck (MID)

For high power VR38DETT engines which are exposing the weaknesses of the standard VR38DETT block Darton have the answer

Darton has engineered a superior patented (patent #6,799,541) solution by using a unique designed cylinder sleeve which when siamesed and nested, creates a solid deck of sleeve flanges held in tension, reinforcing the upper deck area and provides for individual replacement with what we call Modular Integrated Deck (MID).

Nissan Primera Polyurethane Engine Mounts

The flex in the drive train has long been an issue. Very soft engagement of the clutch, massive amount of wheel hop in slippery conditions or during committed standing starts. Another problem has also been the cracking open of the exhaust manifold joint where it goes from 4-2. This is probably down to the Continue reading


Engine Builders

StrikeEngine – Links to engine builders in theUK and USA. Engine building services for competition/race engines as well as high performance road engines. Includes engine builders specialising in Honda, Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall/Opel, Chevy as well as NASCAR, BTCC and Club Racing.

kseries_tuningEngine Builders UK – Motorsport

Advanced Engine Research
Brunswick Automotive
Connaught Competition Engines
Engine Developments
HT Racing
Ilmor Engineering
John Wilcox Race Engines
Julian Godfrey
Minister Power
Neil Brown Engineering
Nicolson Mclaren
Phil Jones Engine Developments
Ric Wood Motorsport

Road and Race Engine Builders

Clifford Cox Engineering
Collins Performance Engineering
DMC Engines
DTM Power
Dunnell Engines
Gosnays Engineering
HKS Europe
Horsham Developments
Huddart Engines
Impulse Developments
International Engine Services
JE Developments
JE Engineering
Mardi Gras Motorsport
Prima Racing
QED Motorsport
Radco Engines
SBD Motorsport
Scholar Engines
Swindon Race Engines

Classic Car Engine Builders

Crosthwaite and Gardiner
Geoff Richardson

Engine Builders -USA

Arrow Racing
Bill Mitchell Hard Core Products
Drag Cartel
Ed Pink Racing Engines (Van Nuys, California)
Fischer Engineering (Denver, NC)
Golden Eagle Manufacturing (San Dimas, CA)
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
RAW Performance

Engine Builders Japan


Japanese Specialist

Comptech Continue reading

Japanese Part Μanufacturers

StrikeEngine Links – Japanese Performance Part Manufacturers and their UKand USA/California dealers/importers/agents/retailers/distributors. Includes HKS, GReddy, Mines and Top Secret. Firms are either based in Japanor in other parts of the World making parts for Japanese cars. Continue reading

Throttle Bodies

StrikeEngine – Individual throttle bodies – manufacturers and dealers. Links to manufacturers of individual throttle bodies. If your company manufacturers individual throttle bodies please feel free to submit you site.

see also:
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Nitrous Oxide System Manufacturers

A nitrous oxide system is without a shadow of a doubt the most cost effective way of increasing the horsepower of your car. Over the years nitrous oxide has got bad press do to bad installs and lack of respect from the people fitting the systems. With knowledge comes power and with the nitrous system offered by the companies below, more power per buck than any other modification. Continue reading

BOVs @ – BOV Manufacturers – BOV Kits

BOV Manufacturers – BOV Kits

BOV manufacturers and BOV kits for most performance cars on the road today. BOVs, Dump Valves & Recirculating Valves relive the pressure in turbo intake systems when the throttle plate is closed when the throttle pedal is released. The air being pumped into the engine by the turbocharger needs to be able to go somewhere when the throttle is closed. Continue reading

Forged Pistons

Forged Piston Manufacturers – Forged Piston Dealers – Forged Piston Design/Custom

Links to forged piston manufacturers and forged piston dealers in the UK, USA and Europe


Forged Piston Manufacturers and Accessories

Arias Pistons USA Dealer – exospeed
CP Pistons
JE Pistons
Omega Pistons Ltd, West Midlands, UK
Perfect Bore Ltd
Ross Pistons
RS Pistons
Supertech Performance
Wossner (UK), Nr Colchester, Essex, UK

Forged Piston Accessories



Perfect Bore Ltd

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