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Fuel Magnets – Do They Work?

There are some amazing claims bandied around about fuel magnets. These devices are clamped onto the fuel lines entering the engine and are claimed to cut fuel consumption by up to 30%, increase horsepower by up to 13% and cut exhaust emissions by up to 80%.

Fuel Magnets - Facts of Fake?

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Nitrous Oxide System Manufacturers

A nitrous oxide system is without a shadow of a doubt the most cost effective way of increasing the horsepower of your car. Over the years nitrous oxide has got bad press do to bad installs and lack of respect from the people fitting the systems. With knowledge comes power and with the nitrous system offered by the companies below, more power per buck than any other modification. Continue reading

Fuel Injectors

High Performance Fuel Injectors – Manufacturers

High Performance Fuel Injector Manufacturers – On modified engines especially cars which have been fitted with an aftermarket turbo or turbo kit, larger fuel injectors are a necessity to ensure your engine runs safely and with maximum power. Fuel injectors are and electrically operated switch which regulated when and how much fuel enters the combustion chamber. Fuel injectors are mainly mounted on the inlet manifold but direct injection is becoming more popular now where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber and extremely high pressure.

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High Performance Fuel Injectors – Manufacturers





Injector Dynamics

RC Engineering


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