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EVO Magazine

EVO Magazine is the premier car magazine for high performance cars.

The writing is the better than anything else I have ever read from any other magazine by a big distance.

The photography is exceptional without exception.

The stories are always interesting, car reviews usually take place in some sort of context.

And in recent months the layout and appearance of the mag had taken a quantum leap forward from a position where it was arguably already the leader.

In short no other car magazine comes close to the reviews in EVO Magazine and to cap it all, the magazine is also reviewing more modified cars which is something that really makes the mouth water.

In short, EVO Magazine is well worth the price of a subscription if you are even remotely interested in cars.


Akrapovic is a manufacturer of performance exhaust systems based in Slovenia.

Along time manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for motorbikes and has now moved into making exhaust systems for cars.

Akrapovic exhausts are made from titanium which means huge weight savings are available but power gains could be seen as disappointing.

Hugely expensive but excellent quality

From the Akrapovic website

An exhaust system looks simple at first glance. But a closer look shows that it is a complex system that has a significant effect on the performance of a racing or a regular sports car.

The experience in racing that we acquired over many years, taught us how to combine high performance, a long-life cycle and the lightest possible weight. Our numerous world championship titles and countless international and national titles are a testament to our continuous ability to fulfil our clients’ highest expectations.

Tuning Shops – California

Links to Performance Part Shops and Tuners in California(CA) USA specialising in Japanese Cars.
Tuners carry out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, performance part fitting, engine rebuilds with tuning shops supplying performance parts from manufacturer including Top Secret, MazdaSpeed, Nismo, Greddy, HKS for the Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO, Mazda RX7, RX8, Protege, Honda Civic, Nissan Maxima, 350Z and Altima.

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Brake Manufacturers
Suspension Kit Manufacturers
Turbos and Superchargers

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and repairs.
F Offers fitting service Continue reading

Demon Tweeks

Demon Tweeks are probably the largest dealer of performance car parts and motorsport equipment in the UK.

Demon Tweeks specialise in mail order sales and their yearly product catalogues are the most comprehensive of any company in the industry.

Although the Demon Tweeks part business was built on the back of their mail order catalogues they now have a website which has an even larger range of parts than their paper catalogues.

From the Demon Tweeks website

OUR HISTORY – Demon Tweeks was established and founded in 1971 by Alan Minshaw to service the needs of the Motorsport Competitor. Alan, an accomplished racing driver since 1958 and former motor trade salesman, identified the opportunity to supply everything the racer could need from one source. His principles of offering top products, quality, service and rapid availability are as important to Demon Tweeks today as they were in the beginning.

Trimat Brake Pads

Trimat is a specialist UK manufacturer of friction materials that offers premium quality products and service to a worldwide customer base.

Established in 1962, Trimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares

Brake Components, Friction Materials and Brake Pads. rimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares



Engine Builders

StrikeEngine – Links to engine builders in theUK and USA. Engine building services for competition/race engines as well as high performance road engines. Includes engine builders specialising in Honda, Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall/Opel, Chevy as well as NASCAR, BTCC and Club Racing.

kseries_tuningEngine Builders UK – Motorsport

Advanced Engine Research
Brunswick Automotive
Connaught Competition Engines
Engine Developments
HT Racing
Ilmor Engineering
John Wilcox Race Engines
Julian Godfrey
Minister Power
Neil Brown Engineering
Nicolson Mclaren
Phil Jones Engine Developments
Ric Wood Motorsport

Road and Race Engine Builders

Clifford Cox Engineering
Collins Performance Engineering
DMC Engines
DTM Power
Dunnell Engines
Gosnays Engineering
HKS Europe
Horsham Developments
Huddart Engines
Impulse Developments
International Engine Services
JE Developments
JE Engineering
Mardi Gras Motorsport
Prima Racing
QED Motorsport
Radco Engines
SBD Motorsport
Scholar Engines
Swindon Race Engines

Classic Car Engine Builders

Crosthwaite and Gardiner
Geoff Richardson

Engine Builders -USA

Arrow Racing
Bill Mitchell Hard Core Products
Drag Cartel
Ed Pink Racing Engines (Van Nuys, California)
Fischer Engineering (Denver, NC)
Golden Eagle Manufacturing (San Dimas, CA)
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
RAW Performance

Engine Builders Japan


Japanese Specialist

Comptech Continue reading

Japanese Part Μanufacturers

StrikeEngine Links – Japanese Performance Part Manufacturers and their UKand USA/California dealers/importers/agents/retailers/distributors. Includes HKS, GReddy, Mines and Top Secret. Firms are either based in Japanor in other parts of the World making parts for Japanese cars. Continue reading


Brake Pads

StrikeEngine – Links to performance brake pad manufacturers. Performance brake pads for the street and the track.


Performance Brake Pad Manufacturers

AP Racing
Carbone Lorraine
Performance Friction
RoeschTrimat Continue reading

Rolling Roads UK

Rolling Road Directory broken down into regions. UK-North, UK-East, UK-Midlands, UK-South, Wales and Greece. The companies listed carry out engine tuning, set up, mapping, power runs and general rolling road tuning services on 2wd and 4wd cars. Some also offer engine building and performance part development such as cylinder heads and performance exhausts

Rolling Road Manufacturers

see rolling road manufacturers Continue reading


Performance Exhausts

performance_exhaust_systemPerformance Exhaust System Links – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel. Manufacturers and manufactured in Australia, UK, USAand Japan Continue reading


Nissan Tuners

ripsNissan tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, engine tuning, repairs, engine rebuilds, shops and retailers, manufacturers and part fitting.  Names include Nismo, MazWorx, Rips, Mines, JUN offering tuning services and parts for the Skyline, GTR, 200ZX, 240SX, 300zx, Primera, Silvia, Sunny, Pulsar, Almera and Primera.

search the sites  of these Nissan Tuners with Google   

Nissan Tuners UK

IA Motorsport (Sittingbourne Kent, England)
PDM Racing (Canada)
PLMS Developments (AUS)
EVO Tune GTR Specialist, Durham
Fusion Motorsport TFS(Edenbridge, Kent)
GTC Racing Technologies GTR Specialist
Horsham Developments (Berkshire, England)
Abbey Motorsport T (Surrey)
Hiteq S (Lancs)
Norris Designs TSFM (Wiltshire)
Ray Mallock
Rising Sun Performance T
Severn Valley Motorsport GTR Specialist
Z Tech T (Wiltshire)
DriftWorks S (England)
DP Motorsport
Zed World STF(Tamworth,
RK Tuning TSF (Benfleet, Essex)

Nissan Tuners Europe

High Import Performance Wain, Germany (GTR Specialist)
4 Turbo Poland
IQ Sport Garage GTR Specialist Switzerland
Steviocar Czech Republic GTR Specialist

Nissan Tuning USA

Everything G20 S (USA)
Forged Performance
(Marietta Georgia)
Jim Wolf Technology MS
Kinetix Racing S (Santa Ana,

G-Spec Menifee California
(City of Industry, California)

SYKO Performance

Nissan Tuning Russia

Turbo Drive – GTR Tuning

Nissan Tuning Japan

Garage MAK
Matchless Crowd Racing
dolphin M(Japan)
impul M(Japan)
sunline racing
BeeR M
nismo M

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Throttle Bodies

StrikeEngine – Individual throttle bodies – manufacturers and dealers. Links to manufacturers of individual throttle bodies. If your company manufacturers individual throttle bodies please feel free to submit you site.

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Performance Chips Continue reading

D2 Racing Sport

D2 Racing Sport Website

D2 Racing Sport is a Taiwanese manufacturer of performance suspension and performance brake kits.

D2 Racing Sport offers a variety of coil over suspension systems to suit many uses. Their range starts off with “Street” and climaxes in their “Racing” suspension kit which utilises remote reservoir technology.

Many D2 coil over suspension kits come with camber adjustment by way of adjustable top mounts. D2 products have proved to be very popular throughout the world both for the quality of their product and the price.

D2 use a modular system for their coil over suspension systems which greatly reduces the cost some rebuild time. Unlike many coil over suspension kit manufacturers D2 utilises a system where all the major components are separate from the main damper unit.

Although this does make D2 suspension kits heavier than kit from other companies it does mean that instead of requiring a rebuild the damper cartridges are simply replaced. If you have ever inquired about getting your TEIN suspension kit replaced you will know what we mean when we say they are not cheap to rebuild.

Another benefit of the modular system that D2 uses is that parts can easily be replaced if the unit is damaged at all. The top bottom and centre sections are all separate on a D2 suspension kit which means if you damage the bottom mount you do not need to buy a complete suspension unit, you simply replace the part that is damaged.

D2 big brake kits have been popular for many years. D2 offers probably the largest range of big brake kits on the market today, both with regards to the variety of discs sizes available and also in the number of cars that are covered by it’s application list.

Unlike most companies which use a 4 piston caliper, D2 front brake kits start with a 6 piston caliper. The greater the number of pistons the more even the pressure across the brake pad giving more effective braking.

For their 330mm and bigger kits, D2 uses 2 piece brake discs which save considerable weight versus one piece discs used by most big brake kit manufacturers for this size.

D2 brake kits come complete with all mounting hardware required to fit and the packaging and instructions are first rate.

UK Dealers: Big Brake Kits 4 U, Jap Shop

Big Brake Kit

Big Brake Kits

Big Brake Kit Manufacturers at – Big brake kits massively improve the stopping power of whatever they car fitted up to. Big brake kits use brake pads with a larger surface area which improves the braking power and also increases the leverage of the caliper on the discs. More braking power less pressure required on the brake pedal. Big brake kits will massively improve the driver’s confidence.  Big brake kits come with all parts required to fit including performance brake padsperformance brake discsbrake lines, brackets,calipers and in some cases fluid.

Big Brake Kit from K-Sport featuring 8 piston caliper

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RX7 Tuning Tuners

Mazda RX7 Tuners – RX7 Tuning Specialists -UK,USA,Japan

Mazda RX7 tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, engine rebuilds and part fitting. Also includes shops, retailers and manufacturers specialising in the Mazda RX-7.

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RX-7 Performance Part Power Test
Mazda Body Kits
Performance Car Insurance
Japanese Tuners and Dealers-General
Rolling Roads
Japanese Car Importers
Track Day Organisers
Import Car Insurance Specialists Continue reading

Fuel Injectors

High Performance Fuel Injectors – Manufacturers

High Performance Fuel Injector Manufacturers – On modified engines especially cars which have been fitted with an aftermarket turbo or turbo kit, larger fuel injectors are a necessity to ensure your engine runs safely and with maximum power. Fuel injectors are and electrically operated switch which regulated when and how much fuel enters the combustion chamber. Fuel injectors are mainly mounted on the inlet manifold but direct injection is becoming more popular now where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber and extremely high pressure.

see also:
Fuel Systems
Engine Management
Fuels and Lubricants

High Performance Fuel Injectors – Manufacturers





Injector Dynamics

RC Engineering


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Boost Controller

Boost Controllers – Boost Controller Manufacturers – Boost Controller Dealers

Links to manufacturers of electronic boost controllers. Boost controllers give the user complete control of their turbo.

Boost Controller Manufacturers/Dealers

AEM Tru Boost

Apexi AVC-R

Blitz SBC i-Colour



Turbo Smart E-Boost Continue reading

Ford Parts

Ford Performance Parts

UK Ford Performance Tuning Links – Ford Body Kits, Performance Car Part Manufacturers and Dealers, Ford Car Tuners. Induction Kits, Performance Exhausts, Brake Pads and Discs, Air Filters, Induction Kits, Used Car Buying and Ford Price Guides.

Ford Focus Manifold

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