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Scooby Projects Subaru Specialists

Scooby Projects is dedicated to the Subaru enthusiast. We can fulfil all your Subaru needs from supplying quality parts, servicing, performance tuning and upgrade work, providing free technical advice or simply ideas from our own projects. Now with the opening of our new service centre we now carry out routine servicing and maintenance work on all makes and models. Continue reading

VW Tuners

VW specialists offering tuning services, general servicing and track preparation for VW vehicles including the VW Golf MK5, MK4, MK3, MK2, MK1, Scirroco, Passat and VW Polo as well as Skoda, Seat & Audi

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Audi Tuners

audi_tunersDirectory of tuners specialising in Audi vehicles including the Audi A3, A4, A6, A8, S3, S4, RS4, RS6 & R8. The Audi tuners offer servicing, repairs, upgrades, performance packs, performance parts, track day preparation, chip tuning, rolling road tuning and styling & body kit upgrades.

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Seat Tuners

Seat tuning specialists. The companies listed on this page more often than not started out as VW and Audi tuners. As VAG has started to harmonise the components used on Seat, VW and Audi cars these companies can now offer the same or similar products for Seat cars as well including the Seat Leon, Leon Cupra, Seat Ibiza and Ibiza Cupra.

seat_tuningSeat Tuning Specialists

carpi Oberglatt, Switzerland


abt sportsline
ecu-evolution (South Wales & Northamptonshire)
JBS Derbyshire, England
Racing Line
Saxon Motorsport
Storm Developments
Dub Sport

Seat Tuners – Motorsport

Advent Motorsport

Daniels Motorsport

Special Tuning

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Thor Racing

Thor Racing is based in Coventry England.

Specialising in all Japanese cars and especially Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline

Services offered include the full spectrum of electronics work from installing stand alone ECUs to engine mapping.

On the mechanical front Thor Racing offer full workshop facilities as well as engine building.

Thor Racing’s website carries a wealth of information on the services they offer as well as prices and a range of parts from the top name manufacturers

Thor Racing have a Dynopack dyno on site that is available from anything from power runs to all out hire for use by your prefered engine mapper/tuner

Porsche Tuners

Porsche tuning specialists offering engine upgrades, engine re-builds, performance chips, performance parts, suspension upgrades, servicing and Porsche styling parts and Porsche body kits including alloy wheels. Continue reading


Honda Tuners

b16turboHonda tuners specialising in Honda B Series, D Series, K Series and H Series engines, Services includes rebuilds, engine builds, engine conversions, turbo engine building, performance engine parts and fabrication on most Honda vehicles including the Civic, Integra, Type R and CRX.


Honda Tuners – Honda Tuning Specialists

Search these Honda Tuners sites with Google

Custom Search

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and
F Offers fitting service

Honda Tuners/Honda Tuning Specialists UK/Japan

ABP Motorsport
Backyard  M (Japan)
Barwell Motorsport (Surrey, UK)
Buddy Club UK
Mardi Gras Motorsport Towcester, Northants
Neil Brown Engineering
Performance Autoworks Glos
Spoon Sports M (Tokyo Express)
Tokyo Express
 ST (Northants)
CPL Racing TFS (Sheerness, Kent)
TJH Motorsport
Trac Art STF (Ashford, Kent)
Tracy Sports MTS (Japan)

Honda Tuners Italy- Race Preperation

JAS Motorsport

Honda Tuners USA

Blox Fremont, CA
Exospeed MTS (Glendale, California)
ERL M (New Albany, Indiana)
Hondoctors –  Las Vegas, NV/Nevada
Inline Pro Springfield, VA
King Motorsports New Berlin WI
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
LHT Performance
N1 Concepts (San Fran, California)
Omni Power (Rocklin, California)
Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Spark Racing

Honda Tuners – Canada

Ultimate Racing Canada

Honda Tuners – Malaysia

JC Racing

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Mazda Tuners

Mazda Tuners

Mazda Tuners – Mazda Tuning Specialists

Search these sites with Google

 Mazda tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, engine rebuilds and part fitting. Also includes shops, retailers and manufacturers specialising in Mazda cars.  Namely the Mazda RX8, the Mazda RX7, the MX5, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. If you would like your company listed please submit your site.

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Rolling Roads
Japanese Car Importers
Track Day Organisers
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Japanese Performance Part Manufacturers – General

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Engine Builders

StrikeEngine – Links to engine builders in theUK and USA. Engine building services for competition/race engines as well as high performance road engines. Includes engine builders specialising in Honda, Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall/Opel, Chevy as well as NASCAR, BTCC and Club Racing.

kseries_tuningEngine Builders UK – Motorsport

Advanced Engine Research
Brunswick Automotive
Connaught Competition Engines
Engine Developments
HT Racing
Ilmor Engineering
John Wilcox Race Engines
Julian Godfrey
Minister Power
Neil Brown Engineering
Nicolson Mclaren
Phil Jones Engine Developments
Ric Wood Motorsport

Road and Race Engine Builders

Clifford Cox Engineering
Collins Performance Engineering
DMC Engines
DTM Power
Dunnell Engines
Gosnays Engineering
HKS Europe
Horsham Developments
Huddart Engines
Impulse Developments
International Engine Services
JE Developments
JE Engineering
Mardi Gras Motorsport
Prima Racing
QED Motorsport
Radco Engines
SBD Motorsport
Scholar Engines
Swindon Race Engines

Classic Car Engine Builders

Crosthwaite and Gardiner
Geoff Richardson

Engine Builders -USA

Arrow Racing
Bill Mitchell Hard Core Products
Drag Cartel
Ed Pink Racing Engines (Van Nuys, California)
Fischer Engineering (Denver, NC)
Golden Eagle Manufacturing (San Dimas, CA)
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
RAW Performance

Engine Builders Japan


Japanese Specialist

Comptech Continue reading


BMW Tuners

bmw_tunersBMW Tuner Directory – Links to UK BMW Garages and BMW Tuning Specialists offering performance upgrades routine servicing, repairs and track preparation on all models of BMWs from the E21 3 Series up to the E60 M5. Includes E36 M3 specialists, car sales of imported BMWs fromGermany. Tuners listed offer a massive range of parts as well as BMW tuning upgrades.

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BMW Exhausts

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Subaru Tuners

subaru_tunersSubaru Tuning specialists offering tuning upgrades and servicing of the Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester and Subaru Legacy including the EJ20T, EJ25, WRX, STi and GT. Subaru Engine tuning, engine builds, suspension set up and routine servicing and maintenance are also offered by these specialist Subaru tuners.

Impreza Parts @

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Roger Clarke Motorsport Impreza
Rolling Roads
Japanese Car Importers
Track Day Organisers
Subaru Impreza Import Car Insurance Specialists
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Focus Tuners

Ford Focus Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Focus Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing on the Ford Focus

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Ford Tuners – General
Ford Focus Body Kit Manufacturers & Dealers
Ford Focus RS Buying Guide
Engine Tuning Information
Performance Brakes – Manufacturers & Dealers
Rolling Roads
Track Day Organisers
High Performance Car Insurance Brokers
Engineering Services Continue reading

Ford Tuners

Ford Tuners

Ford Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing. Mainly for RS, ST and Cosworth models.

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Focus RS Tuners
Manufacturers for Air FiltersExhaustsSuspension
Ford Body Kits – Manufacturers
RS Turbo Series 1 Tuning Guide
Escort Cosworth Tuning Guide T25
Ford Focus RS Buying Guide
Engine Builders
Zetec Engine Tuning Guide
Rolling Roads
Track Day Organisers Continue reading


Nissan Tuners

ripsNissan tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, engine tuning, repairs, engine rebuilds, shops and retailers, manufacturers and part fitting.  Names include Nismo, MazWorx, Rips, Mines, JUN offering tuning services and parts for the Skyline, GTR, 200ZX, 240SX, 300zx, Primera, Silvia, Sunny, Pulsar, Almera and Primera.

search the sites  of these Nissan Tuners with Google   

Nissan Tuners UK

IA Motorsport (Sittingbourne Kent, England)
PDM Racing (Canada)
PLMS Developments (AUS)
EVO Tune GTR Specialist, Durham
Fusion Motorsport TFS(Edenbridge, Kent)
GTC Racing Technologies GTR Specialist
Horsham Developments (Berkshire, England)
Abbey Motorsport T (Surrey)
Hiteq S (Lancs)
Norris Designs TSFM (Wiltshire)
Ray Mallock
Rising Sun Performance T
Severn Valley Motorsport GTR Specialist
Z Tech T (Wiltshire)
DriftWorks S (England)
DP Motorsport
Zed World STF(Tamworth,
RK Tuning TSF (Benfleet, Essex)

Nissan Tuners Europe

High Import Performance Wain, Germany (GTR Specialist)
4 Turbo Poland
IQ Sport Garage GTR Specialist Switzerland
Steviocar Czech Republic GTR Specialist

Nissan Tuning USA

Everything G20 S (USA)
Forged Performance
(Marietta Georgia)
Jim Wolf Technology MS
Kinetix Racing S (Santa Ana,

G-Spec Menifee California
(City of Industry, California)

SYKO Performance

Nissan Tuning Russia

Turbo Drive – GTR Tuning

Nissan Tuning Japan

Garage MAK
Matchless Crowd Racing
dolphin M(Japan)
impul M(Japan)
sunline racing
BeeR M
nismo M

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Rolling Roads UK South

Rolling Road UK – South

A directory of rolling roads operating in the south of the UK. These companies offer full rolling road services including power runs, re mapping and full mapping of stand alone engine management systems. These companies will probably prefer to work with specific cars and stand alone engine management systems so it’s worth giving them a call to see if the parts you are thinking are using are compatible with the rolling road concerned

Rolling Road Operators UK (South)





Rolling Roads – UK, South

Alan Jeffrey

Austec Racing


BTEC Shipton Under Wychwood, Oxfordshire

Devil Developments

DK Engineering

Dynotech (Kent)

The Engine Tuner

Eurospec 2000, Guildford

Lynx AE


Power Engineering

Racing Developments Ltd

Surrey Rolling Road Ltd

Sussex Performance Centre

Tuning Japanese

Veysport Dorset Continue reading