Ark Design – Electronic Meters

Ark Design electronic meter manufacturer from Japan

Ark Design make a huge range of electronic meters which use LCD displays. The Ark range of meters include the usual engine sensors like air fuel ratio, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, boost pressure, voltage and many more parameters such as ignition timing, intake air temperatures and other sensors that are monitored by the original ECU.

Ark make a multimeter LCD display which is around the size of an credit card and can either be plugged into the OBD port or it can be supplied with a patch harness that will go in between the stock ECU harness and the ECU for a plug and play install on non OBD 2 cars.

Ark make patch harnesses for the EVO 8 & 9 and the IMpreza GDA, GDB and GRB.

Ark also manufacture turbo timers, boost controllers and throttle pedal programmers for drive by wire equipped cars.

Products from Ark have the trademark of being extremely thin, very small with a large LCD screen which is extremely easy to see due to the technology of the LCD display.

ARK Design meters

ARK Design Engine Meters

Total Car Produce Magic – RX7, S14 Tuner

Total Car Product Magic – a specialist RX7 and S14 200SX tuner from Japan

Total Car Produce Magic make a huge variety of performance parts for the RX7 including intake and exhaust systems, engine parts, tie rods, ball joints, diffusers, bushes, strut braces, oil coolers and carbon bonnets/hoods.

For the S14 Silvia TCPM have carbon fibre rear diffusers, roll centre adjusters, anti foam power steering system, oil catch tank, and carbon trunks

Total Car Product Magic S14 RX7 Tuner

Total Car Product Magic S14 RX7 Tuner

Fabulous Expand – Alloy Wheels

Fabulous Expand – Japanese alloy wheel manufacturer

Huge range of alloy wheel designs from modern mesh to old skool deep dish and everything in between. The first fabulous expand wheels we saw were on a Kei Truck which was used in Banzai magazine for drifting! Apparently drifting Kei trucks happens in Japan. Not a massive scene but nonetheless.

Turbo Kit Group Test

The information on this page is based on an article in Turbo Magazine Issue 186. The article gives the basic information about each kit, the car it is for as well as the power output with the turbo/supercharger kit fitted. The article does not state how the tests were carried out or where the tests were carried out so please bear this mind when reading the article.

S2000 Turbo Kit Greddy

S2000 Turbo Kit from Greddy

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Insignia VXR/OPC Brake Recall/Problems/Faults

Vauxhall in the UK are replacing front brake pads and brake discs under warranty if the car has done less than 20,000miles.

The front brake calipers are prone to sticking which leaves the brake pad dragging on the discs. This causes a vibration through the steering wheel under braking because pad material is being left unevenly on the brake disc surface (not the urban myth that the brake discs have warped).

Tell tall signs that your Insignia is experiencing these problems is that the brake discs can turn blue due to the massive heat created from the pads rubbing on the discs.

This is in addition to the pads and discs having a much shorter life than would be expected.

Vauxhall in the UK are replacing the brake discs and brake pads free of charge on cars with less than 20,000miles on the clock.

Given the treatment that Peter Tomalin had from his Vauxhall dealer I find it extremely hard to believe that Vauxhall in the UK identified this problem. My feeling is that the technical bulletin came from Germany which would mean Opel Insignia OPCs would also be experiencing the same issues

Problems have also been reported with the headlights blinding other drivers because they are set too high. Your local Vauxhall dealer may tell you it will pass the MOT as it is, which is true, and they may also tell you that it is impossible to adjust which is NOT true. The height of the headlights CAN be adjusted, don’t take no for an answer if you have this problem, if your dealer will not help you take it to Vauxhall head office.

Vauxhall’s press fleet has had complaints about the headlights being too high and they were adjusted after a lot of toing and froing.Insignia OPC VXR Front

RS4 V8 Supercharger – PES

Eurotuner carried an article about a newly released supercharger kit for the RS4 V8. Made by PES (Performance Engineered Systems) it took the stock RS4 V8 from 285whp to 400whp with the addition of the kit and water methanol injection.

The RS4 was also fitted with Milltek downpipes, sports cats and non resonted cat back exhaust

A short video of an RS4 equipped with a PES Supercharger

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