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DEI Supplies Fastest Team In Formula Student 2012

DEI & Street & Circuit, suppliers of exhaust insulation products to ART Formula Student 2012

Y9S8T7JSHJDY Through their Greek distributor Street & Circuit, Design Engineering Incorporated (DEI) supply exhaust insulation products to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (ART), the team with the fastest accelerating car in the Formula Student competition.

This year’s Formula Student competition will take place at Silverstone in July and hopefully with the supply of DEI exhaust insulation products the 2012 car can match the achievements of last years winning car.

The video of last years winning acceleration run can be seen here.


This is the official ART website for the Formula Student Competition

For DEI products in Eastern Europe visit Street & Circuit here

Camshaft Information from How Stuff Works

If you read the article How Car Engines Work, you know about the valves that allow air / fuel into the engine and exhaust on the engine. The camshaft (called party uses cam lobes) which push against the valves open as the camshaft rotates; springs on the valves return them to their closed position. This is a critical work, and can have a big impact on engine performance at different speeds. On the next page of this article, you can see the animation, we have built to really show you the difference between a camshaft and a performance standard.

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Performance Exhaust Information From Wikipedia

Aftermarket exhaust parts replace the factory fitted exhaust components of a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle to improve the performance, visual appeal, or sound of the vehicle. Generally, performance is enhanced by reducing the back pressure of the factory exhaust system. Frequently a side effect of a free-flowing exhaust system is either a “different” sound, a higher noise level, or both, which is desirable to some people. Aftermarket exhaust parts can also be a styling upgrade by changes to the visible parts of the exhaust like the exhaust tips. Continue reading

VW Tuners

VW specialists offering tuning services, general servicing and track preparation for VW vehicles including the VW Golf MK5, MK4, MK3, MK2, MK1, Scirroco, Passat and VW Polo as well as Skoda, Seat & Audi

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Audi Tuners

audi_tunersDirectory of tuners specialising in Audi vehicles including the Audi A3, A4, A6, A8, S3, S4, RS4, RS6 & R8. The Audi tuners offer servicing, repairs, upgrades, performance packs, performance parts, track day preparation, chip tuning, rolling road tuning and styling & body kit upgrades.

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Akrapovic is a manufacturer of performance exhaust systems based in Slovenia.

Along time manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for motorbikes and has now moved into making exhaust systems for cars.

Akrapovic exhausts are made from titanium which means huge weight savings are available but power gains could be seen as disappointing.

Hugely expensive but excellent quality

From the Akrapovic website

An exhaust system looks simple at first glance. But a closer look shows that it is a complex system that has a significant effect on the performance of a racing or a regular sports car.

The experience in racing that we acquired over many years, taught us how to combine high performance, a long-life cycle and the lightest possible weight. Our numerous world championship titles and countless international and national titles are a testament to our continuous ability to fulfil our clients’ highest expectations.


Seat Tuners

Seat tuning specialists. The companies listed on this page more often than not started out as VW and Audi tuners. As VAG has started to harmonise the components used on Seat, VW and Audi cars these companies can now offer the same or similar products for Seat cars as well including the Seat Leon, Leon Cupra, Seat Ibiza and Ibiza Cupra.

seat_tuningSeat Tuning Specialists

carpi Oberglatt, Switzerland


abt sportsline
ecu-evolution (South Wales & Northamptonshire)
JBS Derbyshire, England
Racing Line
Saxon Motorsport
Storm Developments
Dub Sport

Seat Tuners – Motorsport

Advent Motorsport

Daniels Motorsport

Special Tuning

Welch Motorsport Continue reading

Nissan Primera Polyurethane Engine Mounts

The flex in the drive train has long been an issue. Very soft engagement of the clutch, massive amount of wheel hop in slippery conditions or during committed standing starts. Another problem has also been the cracking open of the exhaust manifold joint where it goes from 4-2. This is probably down to the Continue reading

Honda Performance Exhaust

Honda Performance Exhaust Links – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel.

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Japanese Performance Exhausts – StrikeEngine.com

Japanese performance exhaust links – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by-pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel.

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Focus ST Tuning

Ford Focus ST Tuning Guide – The Focus ST is without doubt one of the best drivers hot hatches out there at the moment. The Golf is a little to controlled and insulated the new Civic Type-R lacks the torque and the power of the Focus ST. It does what Ford does best, it gives the working man an honestly fast car at a reasonable price. But like all standard cars there have been compromises made to make it more acceptable to more people and of course to make it cheaper to make. And that may be fine, but for the truly committed driver, the driver that goes out on the road just for the thrill of driving there are some performance upgrades out there that can really transform the Focus ST and make it realise its full potential without affecting the cars reliability or its everyday usefulness. If your more of an A to B driver look away now because your not going to be interested in this article at all.

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Primera Tuning

This page is dedicated to tuning the Nissan Primera/Infinti G20. The majority of the engine tuners and performance part suppliers listed are based in America although some do ship to the UK. In addition to performance parts suppliers there are also links to information about the tuning of the Nissan Primera.
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350Z Performance Parts

The 350Z from Nissan had a slow start in the performance parts industry. Maybe it was because it caught people unawares. It had been a while since Nissan had released a rear wheel drive platform so it was a bit an unknown quantity. Would it sell, performance part companies were unwilling to invest time and money developing parts for a car that might not be popular. As it turned out, they needn’t have worried, the 350Z was a sales sensation everywhere it was available and it got rave reviews from car magazines around the world. The 350Z was hailed as a real old school drivers cars which really got the driver involved in the act of driving. Even though the 350Z has been replaced by the 370Z, the popularity of the 350Z shows no sign of abating, and it’s popularity ion the performance automotive industry is growing by the day and more and more used examples are for sale and the price of the car comes down. Its rear wheel drive set up is made for racing and drifting which means new performance parts are constantly being released for the 350Z even now. Whether your looking for a 350Z body kit, a coil over suspension kit, turbo kit, aero parts like canards or wings, interior parts like carbon fibre trim or a roll cage, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Check out the parts below and see if you can find something for your 350Z

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Tuning Guide


Daily Driver – Comfortable, higher performance.

Stage 1 – Chassis Braces

Stage 2 – Non Adjustable Sport Suspension

Stage 3 – Performance Brake Pads

Stage 4 – Sport Seats

Stage 5 – Performance Exhaust, Filter, ECU Remap

Stage 6 – Camshafts (N/A)

Stage 7 – Wheels & Tyres

Track Day – Peformance above comfort

Stage 1 – Chassis Braces

Stage 2 – Adjustable Suspension

Stage 2a – Wheels & Tyres

Stage 3 – Performance Brake Pads/Big Brake Kits

Stage 4 – Seats/Roll Cage

Stage 5 – Lightweight Body Panels/Aero Parts

Stage 6 – Cams/Throttle Bodies – Bigger Turbo

Fast road and track day car tuning guide. The phrase car tuning brings up all sorts of different images for different people and I think its fair to say in the eyes of Joe public it’s probably a negative image with a hint of Saxo and a dust bin exhaust.

While this image may represent a small part of the car tuning industry it isn’t necessarily negative.

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The 4AGE has been available in a number of forms. This is a brief run down of how to identify what engine your looking at.

The first generation 4AGE was 16V and had silver cam covers with Toyota lettering in blue or black text. This was found in the Corolla GT and came in MAP and MAF versions. The MAF engine has 112bhp and the MAP 130bhp. Continue reading

Vauxhall XE RWD

One of the most popular motorsport engines and one of the most popular choices for kit cars.

To identify if the engine you are looking at is an XE, the cam cover will have an L-Shaped spark plug cover on the cam cover. Even though the engine is referred to as a red top on later engines the plug cover was black.

Vauxhall XE Conversion for RWD

The full name of the XE is 20XE and was first installed in the MK2 Astra GTE followed by the Cavalier MK3 GSI, Cavalier SRi and some early Calibras. The engine wasn’t in production for long before it was modified with the new code being C20XE. It was modified for emission reasons and power dropped from 157bhp to 150bhp. The last of the line engines from 1992 an on were distributor less and used Motronic 2.8 ignition. This engine was designated as theC20XE LN.TheC20XE LNused cast pistons instead of the forged pistons used in the original 20XE and C20XE. However the block on theC20XE LNis actually stronger than the block used for the earlier engines. Continue reading

Mazda RX7 Power Test

RX-7 Performance Part Power Test

StrikeEngine Article – Mazda RX-7 performance part power test based on information from Import Tuner magazine. April 2007, written by Jasper Chan. Back to back power runs on a rolling road testing performance air filters, cat back performance exhaust system & A’PEXi Power FC.

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Nissan 240SX Test

240SX Performance Part Power Test

240SX performance parts tested on Nissan 240SX to see their effect on horsepower. Parts test are an AEM Short Ram Intake System, 5 5Zigen Border III Cat Back Exhaust System & DC Sport Exhaust Manifold/Header

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EVO Exhaust

EVO Performance Exhaust Systems


EVO Performance Exhaust Systems – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of EVO Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel. Manufactured in Australia, UK, USAand Japan Continue reading

Subaru Impreza Exhaust

Impreza Performance Exhaust Systems

Impreza Performance Exhaust Systems – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Impreza Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel. Manufactured in Australia, UK, USAand Japan

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Ford Parts

Ford Performance Parts

UK Ford Performance Tuning Links – Ford Body Kits, Performance Car Part Manufacturers and Dealers, Ford Car Tuners. Induction Kits, Performance Exhausts, Brake Pads and Discs, Air Filters, Induction Kits, Used Car Buying and Ford Price Guides.

Ford Focus Manifold

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Audi S4 Tuning Guide

S4 Tuning / S4 Buying Guide

This tuning guide is based on the B5 S4 with the 2.7litre twin turbo motor. These cars can be now picked up for between 3 to approx 8000GBP, which, given the fact that its engine is based on the humongously more expensive RS4, makes the S4 a bit audi_s4_tuning_mrcof a bargain. The S4’s 2.7litre turbo can be tuned to over 500bhp on standard engine internals making it possibly one of the cheapest 500bhp cars you can buy. Here’s how to get an S4 to the magic 500bhp mark


S4 Tuning / S4 Buying Guide Continue reading

Mitsubishi EVO Tuning Guide

EVO Tuning Guide

This EVO tuning guide covers the top ten things that should be done when tuning your EVO. All these things assume your EVO has been regularly serviced and is in good running order. Continue reading

Honda Civics’ 1/4 Mile Times

Civic Type R Tuning vs Acceleration Times

Honda Civic Type R tuning methods and performance parts versus acceleration times. 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile times. Below is a brief break down of the tuning methods used on the EP3 Civic Type R versus the acceleration times recorded at Bruntingthorpe in the UK. Continue reading