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Toyota GT86 1st Impressions

The new Toyota GT86 has officially be unveiled to the motoring press in its production form. So what are the stand out points?

The first thing that struck me is that the car looks good, modern although the rear of the car has short overhangs which makes it look a bit frumpy. Personally I like long overhangs on the rear.

The tyres are thin in all the photos I have seen so far. The tyres are not the usual super wide super grippy tyres you would expect on a sports car, especially modern sports cars. Continue reading

Suspension Setup – Intermediate

Suspension Setup – Spring Rates

Springs rates are increased for racing to stop weight transfer from front to rear and from left to right. By keeping the weight over all 4 tyres as consistent as possible allows all Continue reading

Nissan Primera Polyurethane Engine Mounts

The flex in the drive train has long been an issue. Very soft engagement of the clutch, massive amount of wheel hop in slippery conditions or during committed standing starts. Another problem has also been the cracking open of the exhaust manifold joint where it goes from 4-2. This is probably down to the Continue reading