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Peugeot 106 Tuning Guide

The 106 has an amazing chassis and a solid engine. These parts will make it even better.

The base car.

Lower rank models in the 106 lineup have many suspension, engine and shell differences from the performance models so they are simply not worth starting with unless of course you are considering completely rebuilding the car. Continue reading

DP Engineering – Citroen Tuning, Peugeot Tuning Specialist

DP Engineering specialise in turbo products for Peugeot/Citroen engines.

DP Engineering have turbo kits and turbo manifolds for all engines from 1.1,1.3,1.4,1.6,1.8,1.9,2.0 engines, 16v and 8 valve, TU & XU engines.

Continue reading

Horsham Developments – Nissan Tuning Specialist

Horsham Developments specialise in Nissan ECU tuning using Nistune technology

Horsham Developments are based in southern England and specialise in tuning Nissan cars.

They offer everything from servicing to race preparation.

They are also a Nistune dealer and offer the full range of ECU upgrades from Nistune.


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EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 3

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 3 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 30 Videos, Duration 4hrs 19mins – StrikeEngine TV Continue reading

EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 2

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 2 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 28 Videos, 3hrs 53mins – StrikeEngine TV Continue reading

EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 1

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 1 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 35 Video, Duration 3hrs 37mins – StrikeEngine TV Continue reading

GTR Tuning R35

The R35 GTR has been out for a few years now and it is still be raved about by the motoring press. The facelift GTR had a hug price increase but there are still no shortage of firm specialising in tuning the GTR R35.

First off, a bit of background information Continue reading

Nissan Tuning General

Nissan Tuning related companies and services from UK, USA and Japan

Company Details can be found on lower part of this page Continue reading

VW Tuners

VW specialists offering tuning services, general servicing and track preparation for VW vehicles including the VW Golf MK5, MK4, MK3, MK2, MK1, Scirroco, Passat and VW Polo as well as Skoda, Seat & Audi

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VW Tuning Specialists -UK Continue reading


Audi Tuners

audi_tunersDirectory of tuners specialising in Audi vehicles including the Audi A3, A4, A6, A8, S3, S4, RS4, RS6 & R8. The Audi tuners offer servicing, repairs, upgrades, performance packs, performance parts, track day preparation, chip tuning, rolling road tuning and styling & body kit upgrades.

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Suspension Tuning – Basics

See also – Suspension Setup & Tuning Intermediate

Before we can go into details of how you can tune your car’s suspension and setup your suspension to your preferences we have to understand how to read the signals the car’s suspension is giving us.

Suspension Setup & Suspension Tuning Guide – Understanding the problem

There are 4 main characteristics a car suspension will have

1. Hard Ride & Body Roll – This is caused by overly stiff dampers paired with soft springs

2. Soft Ride & Body Roll – This caused by soft springs and soft dampers

3. Hard Ride & No Body Roll – This is caused by stiff springs and stiff dampers

4. Soft Ride & No Body Roll – This is caused by soft dampers and stiff springs

The reason dampers effect the ride more than springs is that dampers deal with fast motions of the suspension

Springs have more effect than dampers on body roll because springs deal with constant suspension loads

Of course the roles of springs and dampers overlap but these 2 points are the biggest factors

Suspension Setup Tuning Guide – Making Changes

Soft Dampers Stiff Dampers
Soft Springs Comfortable ride with body roll Hard ride with body roll
Stiff Springs Confortable ride with little or no body roll Hard ride and no little or no body roll

To work out what you need to do to tune your suspension look at where your car is now in the table and look what setup changes you need to make to move the suspension characteristics in the direction you want.

For example if you want to reduce body roll you need to increase spring stiffness and so on

Suspension Setup & Suspension Tuning Guide – Fine Tuning

If your suspension setup is close to how you want it then there are additional things you change to fine tune your suspension.

For example if you want to reduce roll slightly, fitting a stiffer anti roll bar can achieve this effect.

Anti-roll bars or sway bar are designed for fine tuning of the suspension. If your suspension setup is long way away from where you want it you will need to make bigger changes than just the anti-roll bar.

To give another example of how you can fine tune your suspension, if ride quality is quite close to where you want it but you would like it to be slightly better, fitting strut braces or strut bars from quality manufacturers will give your car a noticeable improvement in ride quality, steering feel and grip.

If the suspension on your car is not adjustable the suspension tuning you can do is pretty limited. Basically you have to make wholesale changes rather than incremental changes like you could with coilover suspension.

Nevertheless the table above should give you a good idea of what to do if you want to improve the suspension setup of your car to suit your driving style.

Suspension Setup & Suspension Tuning Guide – Summary

My person golden rule when it comes to suspension tuning when you want your suspension to have more control is to increase spring stiffness first and then damper stiffness.

If you increase damper stiffness before spring stiffness you will get a more uncomfortable ride with little benefit in performance.

Increasing spring stiffness with quality lowering/sports springs such as those from H&R or Eibach will allow you to keep most of your ride comfort while giving you much more control of your car in cornering, braking and acceleration.

Sport dampers are really the cherry on the cake and for those drivers looking for the ultimate control without buying coilovers.

BMW E36 M3 Tuning

This is a brief guide to tuning the BMW E36 M3 that was supplied in America

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Differences between E46 M3

The US version of the E36 M3 had considerably less power than the Euro E46 M3 but it is possible to get the power of the standard engine close to the power made by the Euro E46 M3 motor.

The US Spec E36 M3 came with the S52 engine which was rated at 240bhp at the flywheel, some way short of the 300+bhp of the Euro M3.

If you want to make your E36 M3 as fast as an E46 M3 this is what you need to do.

First of all the differences between the E46 M3 engine and the E36 engine.

The E46 motor is slightly larger by 95cc and the E36 M3 also has a lower compression ration 10.5:1 vs 11.5:1. The E36 also only has a single throttle body while the E46 M3 has individual throttle bodies.

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Engine Tuning

To address the issue of throttle bodies BimmerWorld supply an M50 inlet manifold conversion which adds around 20whp to the top end because it has larger diameter pipework.

BimmerWorld also carry an OBD2 can kit which gives an extra 18whp.

The engine modifications should take your S52 E36 M3 to around 260whp.

E36 M3 Tuning Guide – Add Lightness

To increase the acceleration further add lightness

DTM Fibrewerkz make a carbon fibre hood/bonnet and carbon fibre boot/trunk lid which save around 20kg over the standard parts.

A performance exhaust can save massive weight as well over the standard system, UUC’s exhaust for example saves around 16kg of weight.

With these mods you should see 0-60mph times of around 4.9seconds which is a full second quicker than stock.

The engine mods should also see the 1/4mile in about 13.5seconds.

Tuning Shops – California

Links to Performance Part Shops and Tuners in California(CA) USA specialising in Japanese Cars.
Tuners carry out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, performance part fitting, engine rebuilds with tuning shops supplying performance parts from manufacturer including Top Secret, MazdaSpeed, Nismo, Greddy, HKS for the Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO, Mazda RX7, RX8, Protege, Honda Civic, Nissan Maxima, 350Z and Altima.

see also: Body Kit Manufacturers-Japanese Cars
Brake Manufacturers
Suspension Kit Manufacturers
Turbos and Superchargers

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and repairs.
F Offers fitting service Continue reading


Seat Tuners

Seat tuning specialists. The companies listed on this page more often than not started out as VW and Audi tuners. As VAG has started to harmonise the components used on Seat, VW and Audi cars these companies can now offer the same or similar products for Seat cars as well including the Seat Leon, Leon Cupra, Seat Ibiza and Ibiza Cupra.

seat_tuningSeat Tuning Specialists

carpi Oberglatt, Switzerland


abt sportsline
ecu-evolution (South Wales & Northamptonshire)
JBS Derbyshire, England
Racing Line
Saxon Motorsport
Storm Developments
Dub Sport

Seat Tuners – Motorsport

Advent Motorsport

Daniels Motorsport

Special Tuning

Welch Motorsport Continue reading

Porsche Tuners

Porsche tuning specialists offering engine upgrades, engine re-builds, performance chips, performance parts, suspension upgrades, servicing and Porsche styling parts and Porsche body kits including alloy wheels. Continue reading


Honda Tuners

b16turboHonda tuners specialising in Honda B Series, D Series, K Series and H Series engines, Services includes rebuilds, engine builds, engine conversions, turbo engine building, performance engine parts and fabrication on most Honda vehicles including the Civic, Integra, Type R and CRX.


Honda Tuners – Honda Tuning Specialists

Search these Honda Tuners sites with Google

Custom Search

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and
F Offers fitting service

Honda Tuners/Honda Tuning Specialists UK/Japan

ABP Motorsport
Backyard  M (Japan)
Barwell Motorsport (Surrey, UK)
Buddy Club UK
Mardi Gras Motorsport Towcester, Northants
Neil Brown Engineering
Performance Autoworks Glos
Spoon Sports M (Tokyo Express)
Tokyo Express
 ST (Northants)
CPL Racing TFS (Sheerness, Kent)
TJH Motorsport
Trac Art STF (Ashford, Kent)
Tracy Sports MTS (Japan)

Honda Tuners Italy- Race Preperation

JAS Motorsport

Honda Tuners USA

Blox Fremont, CA
Exospeed MTS (Glendale, California)
ERL M (New Albany, Indiana)
Hondoctors –  Las Vegas, NV/Nevada
Inline Pro Springfield, VA
King Motorsports New Berlin WI
Laskey Racing Anaheim, CA
LHT Performance
N1 Concepts (San Fran, California)
Omni Power (Rocklin, California)
Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Spark Racing

Honda Tuners – Canada

Ultimate Racing Canada

Honda Tuners – Malaysia

JC Racing

Continue reading

Mazda Tuners

Mazda Tuners

Mazda Tuners – Mazda Tuning Specialists

Search these sites with Google

 Mazda tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, engine rebuilds and part fitting. Also includes shops, retailers and manufacturers specialising in Mazda cars.  Namely the Mazda RX8, the Mazda RX7, the MX5, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. If you would like your company listed please submit your site.

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Japanese Tuners and Dealers-General
Rolling Roads
Japanese Car Importers
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Japanese Performance Part Manufacturers – General

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BMW Tuners

bmw_tunersBMW Tuner Directory – Links to UK BMW Garages and BMW Tuning Specialists offering performance upgrades routine servicing, repairs and track preparation on all models of BMWs from the E21 3 Series up to the E60 M5. Includes E36 M3 specialists, car sales of imported BMWs fromGermany. Tuners listed offer a massive range of parts as well as BMW tuning upgrades.

See also:
BMW E36 Tuning
BMW Body Kit Manufacturers & Dealers
Rolling Roads and Dynos
E46 M3/M3 CSL Buying Guide
BMW Exhausts

Continue reading


Subaru Tuners

subaru_tunersSubaru Tuning specialists offering tuning upgrades and servicing of the Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester and Subaru Legacy including the EJ20T, EJ25, WRX, STi and GT. Subaru Engine tuning, engine builds, suspension set up and routine servicing and maintenance are also offered by these specialist Subaru tuners.

Impreza Parts @ Amazon.com

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Roger Clarke Motorsport Impreza
Rolling Roads
Japanese Car Importers
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Subaru Impreza Import Car Insurance Specialists
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Saab 9000 Tuning Guide

Saab 9000 Tuning Guide – Get yourself a 300bhp sleeper for less than 2 large. The Saab 9000 Turbo may not be the best looking car but it’s build quality and tuning potential more than make up for any shortcomings in the looks department. This tuning guide will show you the best way of getting big power from either of the Saab 9000 Turbo cars, be it the 2litre or 2.3litre.

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Rolling Roads UK
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Focus Tuners

Ford Focus Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Focus Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing on the Ford Focus

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Zetec S/SE Tuning Guide
Focus ST Review
Focus ST Tuning Guide
Focus Performance Exhausts
Ford Tuners – General
Ford Focus Body Kit Manufacturers & Dealers
Ford Focus RS Buying Guide
Engine Tuning Information
Performance Brakes – Manufacturers & Dealers
Rolling Roads
Track Day Organisers
High Performance Car Insurance Brokers
Engineering Services Continue reading

Ford Tuners

Ford Tuners

Ford Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing. Mainly for RS, ST and Cosworth models.

See also:
Focus RS Tuners
Manufacturers for Air FiltersExhaustsSuspension
Ford Body Kits – Manufacturers
RS Turbo Series 1 Tuning Guide
Escort Cosworth Tuning Guide T25
Ford Focus RS Buying Guide
Engine Builders
Zetec Engine Tuning Guide
Rolling Roads
Track Day Organisers Continue reading

Escort Cosworth Tuning

Escort Cosworth Tuning

The original big turbo T34 Escort RS Cosworth was built for homologation purposes to allow to compete in the WRC. When then required quota of 2,500 cars were built for homologation purposes Ford starting build the Escort RS Cosworth with a smaller turbo, the T25 as opposed to the T34 that was supplied for homologation. The T25 turbos had a lower boost threshold and felt more responsive for road use. However these smaller turbo cars are less tunable, read on for more details. Continue reading