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DP Engineering – Citroen Tuning, Peugeot Tuning Specialist

DP Engineering specialise in turbo products for Peugeot/Citroen engines.

DP Engineering have turbo kits and turbo manifolds for all engines from 1.1,1.3,1.4,1.6,1.8,1.9,2.0 engines, 16v and 8 valve, TU & XU engines.

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EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 2

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 2 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 28 Videos, 3hrs 53mins – StrikeEngine TV Continue reading

M3 Turbo Kits

The E36 and E46 M3s have, to state the obvious, amazing engine from the factory. But if you are looking for more power, the S50 and S54 engines respond extremely well to forced induction. This is a list of M3 turbo kits for the E36 M3 & turbo kits for the E46 M3s. Continue reading


Audi Tuners

audi_tunersDirectory of tuners specialising in Audi vehicles including the Audi A3, A4, A6, A8, S3, S4, RS4, RS6 & R8. The Audi tuners offer servicing, repairs, upgrades, performance packs, performance parts, track day preparation, chip tuning, rolling road tuning and styling & body kit upgrades.

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Audi A6 Avant 3.0TDI 2011 Review

Lets get the bad news out-of-the-way first, the new A6 Avant is not going to set your hair on fire or anything close.

Audi’s principles have always associated luxury with insulation. The more isolated the driver is from the action the more luxurious the car must be.

Whether you agree with me or not, Audi’s are an inert car, that much is without question. If you want fireworks, look elsewhere. Continue reading

Toyota GT86 1st Impressions

The new Toyota GT86 has officially be unveiled to the motoring press in its production form. So what are the stand out points?

The first thing that struck me is that the car looks good, modern although the rear of the car has short overhangs which makes it look a bit frumpy. Personally I like long overhangs on the rear.

The tyres are thin in all the photos I have seen so far. The tyres are not the usual super wide super grippy tyres you would expect on a sports car, especially modern sports cars. Continue reading


Seat Tuners

Seat tuning specialists. The companies listed on this page more often than not started out as VW and Audi tuners. As VAG has started to harmonise the components used on Seat, VW and Audi cars these companies can now offer the same or similar products for Seat cars as well including the Seat Leon, Leon Cupra, Seat Ibiza and Ibiza Cupra.

seat_tuningSeat Tuning Specialists

carpi Oberglatt, Switzerland


abt sportsline
ecu-evolution (South Wales & Northamptonshire)
JBS Derbyshire, England
Racing Line
Saxon Motorsport
Storm Developments
Dub Sport

Seat Tuners – Motorsport

Advent Motorsport

Daniels Motorsport

Special Tuning

Welch Motorsport Continue reading

Porsche Tuners

Porsche tuning specialists offering engine upgrades, engine re-builds, performance chips, performance parts, suspension upgrades, servicing and Porsche styling parts and Porsche body kits including alloy wheels. Continue reading

DMS 997 Turbo Review

The DMS automotive upgrade for the 997 turbo includes an engine program and high flow sports cats.

This combination together increase power by 111 lbs/ft and 111 bhp

This take the 997 Turbo up to Turbo S levels of power, the only difference between the Turbo and Turbo S models is the engine program so reliability should be unaffected

If you want to opt for the ECU upgrade only the cost is 2040GBP and this takes power to 578bhp Continue reading

Pulsar GTIR 1/4 Times

Nissan Pulsar/Nissan Sunny GTIR Engine Specifications with Acceleration and 1/4mile times. Based on an article which originally appeared in Banzai Magazine No.5-2005. The acceleration tests were carried out at Bruntingthorpe using Race Technologies AX22 timing equipment.

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Saab 9000 Tuning Guide

Saab 9000 Tuning Guide – Get yourself a 300bhp sleeper for less than 2 large. The Saab 9000 Turbo may not be the best looking car but it’s build quality and tuning potential more than make up for any shortcomings in the looks department. This tuning guide will show you the best way of getting big power from either of the Saab 9000 Turbo cars, be it the 2litre or 2.3litre.

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Focus Tuners

Ford Focus Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Focus Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing on the Ford Focus

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Ford Tuners

Ford Tuners

Ford Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing. Mainly for RS, ST and Cosworth models.

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Escort Cosworth Tuning

The original big turbo T34 Escort RS Cosworth was built for homologation purposes to allow to compete in the WRC. When then required quota of 2,500 cars were built for homologation purposes Ford starting build the Escort RS Cosworth with a smaller turbo, the T25 as opposed to the T34 that was supplied for homologation. The T25 turbos had a lower boost threshold and felt more responsive for road use. However these smaller turbo cars are less tunable, read on for more details. Continue reading

Focus ST Tuning

Ford Focus ST Tuning Guide – The Focus ST is without doubt one of the best drivers hot hatches out there at the moment. The Golf is a little to controlled and insulated the new Civic Type-R lacks the torque and the power of the Focus ST. It does what Ford does best, it gives the working man an honestly fast car at a reasonable price. But like all standard cars there have been compromises made to make it more acceptable to more people and of course to make it cheaper to make. And that may be fine, but for the truly committed driver, the driver that goes out on the road just for the thrill of driving there are some performance upgrades out there that can really transform the Focus ST and make it realise its full potential without affecting the cars reliability or its everyday usefulness. If your more of an A to B driver look away now because your not going to be interested in this article at all.

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Tuning Guide


Daily Driver – Comfortable, higher performance.

Stage 1 – Chassis Braces

Stage 2 – Non Adjustable Sport Suspension

Stage 3 – Performance Brake Pads

Stage 4 – Sport Seats

Stage 5 – Performance Exhaust, Filter, ECU Remap

Stage 6 – Camshafts (N/A)

Stage 7 – Wheels & Tyres

Track Day – Peformance above comfort

Stage 1 – Chassis Braces

Stage 2 – Adjustable Suspension

Stage 2a – Wheels & Tyres

Stage 3 – Performance Brake Pads/Big Brake Kits

Stage 4 – Seats/Roll Cage

Stage 5 – Lightweight Body Panels/Aero Parts

Stage 6 – Cams/Throttle Bodies – Bigger Turbo

Fast road and track day car tuning guide. The phrase car tuning brings up all sorts of different images for different people and I think its fair to say in the eyes of Joe public it’s probably a negative image with a hint of Saxo and a dust bin exhaust.

While this image may represent a small part of the car tuning industry it isn’t necessarily negative.

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The 4AGE has been available in a number of forms. This is a brief run down of how to identify what engine your looking at.

The first generation 4AGE was 16V and had silver cam covers with Toyota lettering in blue or black text. This was found in the Corolla GT and came in MAP and MAF versions. The MAF engine has 112bhp and the MAP 130bhp. Continue reading

Tuner Shootout 2011

This is a summary of the cars that participated in the Modified Magazine 2011 Tuner Shootout.

The post shows the specs of the cars, the power they made, their 1/4 mile times and their lap

times at Firebird International Raceway

Car 1

’03 Honda Integra Type-R – K-SPORT USA

'03 Honda Integra Type-R - K-SPORT USA


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Mazda RX7 Power Test

RX-7 Performance Part Power Test

StrikeEngine Article – Mazda RX-7 performance part power test based on information from Import Tuner magazine. April 2007, written by Jasper Chan. Back to back power runs on a rolling road testing performance air filters, cat back performance exhaust system & A’PEXi Power FC.

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Turbo RX-7 Information
RX-7 Information – Answers
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Nissan 200SX Parts

Nissan 200SX Tuning Part Manufacturers – Nissan 200SX Tuning

Links to manufacturers of performance parts for the Nissan 200SX. Performance parts covering suspension, engine, turbo, transmission and brakes for the Nissan 200SX. When you want to tune your Nissan 200SX we are sure you can what you are looking for from the part manufacturers listed. Continue reading

Ford Escort S2 RS Turbo Tuning

S2 RS Turbo Buying Guide

The Series 2 Escort RS Turbo was not a motorsport special like the Series 1 so it’s design was developed for road use as opposed to the track. It lost the S1 4.27 final drive and the front tie bar arrangement. The Bosch Motorola engine management received some tweaks, fuel economy was improved, a one piece inlet manifold was used, a water cooled turbo was an improvement as well as an upgraded intercooler and cylinder head. The limited slip diff was softened up so it wasn’t so snatchy. The S2 used the same dampers as found on the XR3i but with uprated springs.

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S2 RS Turbo Buying Guide

Braking was a major weak point of the Series 1 , on the S2 XR4i discs were used and larger drums on the rear. Girling ABS was also standard.

Colours available included diamond white Mercury Grey, Black and Radiant Red. The S2 also came with bonnet vents, XR3i colour coded rear spoiler and subtle arch extensions.

Recaros were standard but a sunroof, central locking and electric windows were not and these cost 572GBP as part on the Custom Pack.

S2 RS Turbo – Identity

The VIN can be found on the slam panel under the bonnet as well as under the carpet between the driver seat and the sill. The number should be clear and read WFOBXXGCABKJ followed by the chassis number listed on the V5 log book.

If your looking at a “90”spec S2 it should have heated front windscreen, a rear wing with curved over ends and blue and red fleck trim and also adjustable intermittent wiper speed. It also had a 2 piece centre console and a second courtesy light in the rear headlining.

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S2 RS Turbo Buying Guide

S2 RS Turbo – Brakes

260mm discs as standard but they still warp but they are cheap to replace. Worn rear drums can be diagnosed with a slack handbrake. Check the ABS with a hard stop, it should trigger, its not the most subtle but it needs to work or its an MOT failure.

S2 RS Turbo – Engine

Can sound extremely rough but they are a tough engine. If there are running problems a decent service should have it running like well. If not suspect air leaks in the intake system. Low boost pressure can point to collapsed hosesand or a weak wastegate actuator. If its accompanied by a load of bangs on overrun its probably the throttle position sensor.

As always check around the inside of the oil filler cap for white sludge. If you can see it indicates a blow head gasket. Chips of unknown origin are a recipe for an engine rebuild. Too much fuel is also bad as it washes the oil off the cylinder walls reducing lubrication. Not good.

Look out for smoke on full throttle, if its blue then the engine is on its way out.

S2 RS Turbo – Transmission

The S2 came with the B5 gearbox. The main shaft is the weakest point so listen for rumbling. The gear stick will have play in it. If you cant get a gear without forcing it the gear linkage is shot. Try and change gears quickly to check the condition if the syncro, if its grinds a lot then its on its way out. Second to third gear is particularly weak. 170bhp is the limit for the standard clutch and standard gearbox internals.

Given the age of the car there is a good chance the box has been placed. to check jack both front wheels up turn one wheel if the opposite wheels turns in the same direction it has the LSD, if it turns in the opposite direction then it doesn’t have a limited slip diff. Diesel boxes are not stronger then the RS box despite the rumours!

S2 RS Turbo – Electrics

As with every cars check every switch and knob and make sure it works. Let the car idle for a bit and see if theradiatorfans kicks in. Get the fuel pump wiring checked to make sure the fuel pump is getting the full 12volts because if its not than the engine could be running lean.

S2 RS Turbo – Interior

You have to expect some wear in here, the drivers seat bolsters are usually the worst effected. Seats can be found but the retrimming can be expensive and second hand 90 spec Recaros go for over 200GBP. Check the headlining for watermark due to the sunroof leaking also check the carpets for moisture. If they are wet then there is a good chance that the metal underneath will be rotten.

S2 RS Turbo – Bodywork

It’s an old Ford so check everywhere for rust. Sills, bulkhead, around the windscreen, floor, wings, battery tray everywhere. Especially look behind the body kit. The extra additions will trap water and rot everything they are connected to.

Panels can still be bought new but the body kit parts will need to be bought secondhand. Check panel gaps for accident damage and windows for overspray. Check the engine compartment for it’s original sealant and also the boot floor for flatness, if its creased then it will have been rear ended. If you spot any fault take into consideration the age of the car.

S2 RS Turbo – Suspension

Like any car if it feels boaty than the damper are probably shot, if there is knocking from the suspension then thebushesare probably knackered. If anything feels a miss its best to take a closer look. There are many good qualitysuspension kits on the market and uprated replacements bushes. Run our fingers between the wheel arch and the wheel to check that the wheels are sitting in the middle of the arches and that they are the same side to side. If not it points to at worst a twisted chassis and the minimum badly repaired accident damage.

S2 RS Turbo – Where to Find

Rust has claimed many of the 22,108 examples built. They can be found on EBay and in the local newspapers but they are becoming a rarer site. For more selection and a better quality selection its best to check owners clubs forums and websites. The RS Owners Club is a good place to start.


One of the most important checks when buying any car whether its a Ferrari or a FSO is to run a history check. This will check if its been stolen, written off or has outstanding finance. This check is essential. HPI UK is one of the companies that can do this for you.

S2 RS Turbo – How Much to Pay

For spares or abandoned project cars

Tidy cars with a good MOT and some service history

Excellent cars in excellent condition. Low mileage. Expect everything to be perfect as very close to new

You can eat your dinner of the underside concourse, need to wear white cotton cottons gloves to not leave grease stains in the engine compartment jobby. Basically a perfect example that is new, not just looks new. For this money the car should be showroom fresh.

S2 RS Turbo – Specs

Engine: CVH
Capacity: 1600cc
Compression: 8.2
Power: 132bhp @ 5750rpm
Torque:134lbs/ft @ 2750rpm
Turbo: Garret T3
Management: Bosch Jet Tronic
Transmission: B5 5 Speed
Clutch: 215mm
Diff: Viscous LSD
Ratios: 3.15, 1.91, 1.27, 0.95, 0.76
Final Drive: 3.82
Front Suspension: McPherson Struts
Rear Suspension: Beam, Trailing Arms, Springs
Anti Roll Bar: 24mm Front, 16mm Rear
Steering: Rack and Pinion
Front Discs: 260mm
Rear Drums: 229mm
Wheels: 15×6
Tyres: 195/50-15
0-60: 8.2seconds
Top Speed: 128mph

S2 RS Turbo Buying Guide – Insurance

It’s always worth getting an insurance quote before you get the car to avoid any nasty surprises. The links below are to pages on StrikeEngine.com where we list insurance companies specialising in high performance cars.

UK High Performance Car Insurance Brokers
Ford Specialist Insurance Brokers

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Ford Escort Owners Club
RS Owners Club