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2012 GTR vs 2012 BMW M5 F10 – Video Review

The GT-R is for drivers who don’t mind a bit of rawness and a below par interior.

The M5 is for drivers who want comfort and performance and who don’t mind compromising the thrill they can get of driving.

Both are practical, both are fast but what does Chris Harris think?


Piston Heads

The GT-R and M5 are not natural rivals, but as is so often the case when you spend time in cars that should share little common ground, they ended up being interesting foils for each other’s talents and weaknesses.

You do not fully appreciate how big and heavy the F10 M feels until you’ve jumped into one immediately after driving an R35. The Nissan has always felt vast on UK roads to me, but the M5 seems bigger. As ever, the GT-R proves to be one big magic trick on four-wheels. It just shouldn’t change direction the way it does given that it weighs nearly 1,800kg. 

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