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2020 F1 Australian GP Cancelled

After this video was published the Bahrain and Vietnamese GPs have also be cancelled.

A big shame that the Australian GP was cancelled on such short notice and from this press conference it seems the illness of one team member was enough to cancel the GP. Which seems strange.

Generally speaking I think F1 needs to postpone all GPs until the number of Coronavirus cases stops increasing ie until there is some sort of control of the spread

I think it is wrong for F1 to be saying we are going to make decisions as we get the news in.

For fans with plane tickets already, for the transport companies involved, for the catering businesses, basically everyone involved in the F1, they need plenty of notice 2 months plus, especially the businesses.

Like I said, I think F1 needs to come out and say we are postponing the entire season temporarily and when such and such thing happens we will reinstate the remaining dates. That way all parties involved in F1 know the target, know what to look for and have an idea of what F1 is basing its decision making plans on because at the moment, I think it is fair to say, no one knows how F1 decides when to postpone a GP.

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