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2020 F1 Season to Start In May? – Ridiculous!

The FIA have come out and said they expect the 2020 F1 season to start in May.

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This is a ridiculous statement to make.

According to this website, as of today COVID19 is spreading at an exponential rate. No one knows what the picture will look like next week let alone in two months.

What exactly was the FIA basing their May statement on?

What information does the FIA have that makes their statement sensible and plausible?

As I wrote here about the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, the FIA should not be cancelling GPs on a rolling basis as and when they get new news in.

There are simply too many businesses and people involved in the hosting of a GP to keep them in limbo like this.

I think the only reasonable course of action for F1 and the FIA is for them to first state what conditions have to be met for them to consider hosting a GP.

F1 is a global sport, the teams and fans will come into contact with people throughout the world when they travel (destination/airports etc)

Do they want the number of COVID19 cases to start decreasing globally before they will reinstate the calendar?

Do they want the number of cases to fall below a certain number?

What exactly needs to happen for a GP to be deemed to be safe and sensible to host?

Secondly, from the above condition/conditions being met in how many weeks will the first GP be held? And what would be cause for the decision to be reversed in the period between the conditions being met and the date of the GP

And all this is with the background of the FIA announcing the postponement of the entire 2020 F1 calendar in a prompt fashion.

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