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BRZ Review – EVO Magazine/Bovingdon/Meadon Missing The Point?

This months EVO Magazine has a few articles on the Subaru BRZ, testing it for long distance drives, comparing it with other hot hatches and on track.

And basically, EVO Magazine give the car an absolute pasting.

They say it is a nice car, good chassis, plenty of grip but basically the car gets completely written of because it is too slow.

But are they missing the point?

Here is a presentation from the guy that designed the car

Although Tetsuya Tada doesn’t specifically say it, the constant references to motorsport and endless photos of race meetings leads me to believe that the BRZ/GT86 that you buy from the showroom is designed to be a solid foundation for motorsport competitors and people who want to modify their car, ie a car to be built upon.

In his presentation Tetsuya Tada constantly talks about the AE86. He says how it was a readily tuneable car, how people enjoyed modifying it, how Toyota wanted to make a new AE86 with the GT86, he visited numerous track meets to get feedback he even goes on to talk about having space in the car for tools and a spare set of wheels and tyres.

How EVO described the BRZ is exactly what I expected the car to be like. A basic car with plenty of tuning potential.

EVO seemed to have approached it as a finished car, that you buy it and that is as good as it gets when in reality that is just the first step in ownership.

Personally I belive this car is designed for the aftermarket, it is a blank canvas, nothing less, I don’t think it should be criticised for this, in fact it should be praised for giving tuners and owners everywhere a world of possibilities to customise and modify their BRZ/GT86 to suit their needs.

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