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Advertising on Google – This is very important

Before you start advertising your business on Google you must know how you are going to measure the success of your advertising.

You need to know what the sales trends are before you start your advertising.

For example, if your sales of product X is growing at a rate of X % a month, you need to know this prior to advertising online so you know exactly which part of the sales growth is down to a previous trend and which is down to the new advertising.

As with any new advertising campaign, you need to know your base line sales trends before you can start analyzing the effects of your new marketing.

When you have your baselines established you need to know what you want to achieve with your internet advertising.

This will vary massively between industries but fundamentally it comes down to how much extra revenue you want to get from X amount of ad spend.

I have written an article here which goes in depth on the calculation but it goes like this.

You website conversion rate  X  revenue  X  the % of revenue you want spend on advertising.

You should have a maximum number in mind ie the least return you are willing to accept.

Choosing your advertising carefully.

Your website has probably got different product categories and these product categories have probably very different conversion rates. At the start you need to target your dream products. These are the products which have a high retail cost, have a good margin and which have a better than average conversion rate. Call this picking the low hanging fruit strategy if you like. As you get more comfortable you can become more adventurous.

In summary

You need to have a handle on the sales trend of the products you want to advertise with Google before you start advertising.

You need to know what you want to achieve with your advertising before you start, for example an extra X of revenue for an ad spend of X

You should pick the low hanging fruit when your first starting out, this will let you learn what works and what doesn’t faster.

If you would prefer to use the experience of a company that has been promoting businesses on Google for 8 years, check out the Google advertising packages that we offer here.

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