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AEM EMS-4 Standalone Engine Management

We have experience of the AEM FIC and we found it to be quite good. We experienced a few issues but by and large we were satisfied. For those who want more control but do not want to go to the full expense of getting EMS AEM’s this could well be for you.

Here is what the AEM website says

AEM’s EMS-4 Universal Standalone Engine Management System is designed for use on modified Powersports and four-cylinder race car applications. With its weather/shock proof enclosure and specially designed 36-pin connector, the EMS-4 is equipped to operate in harsh environments and can be mounted anywhere.
4 Saturated Injector Drivers
4 Coil Triggers
8 General Purpose Inputs/Outputs
Mag or Hall Cam and Crank Inputs
O2 Input
Knock Input
8 MB Internal Data Logger
CAN Data Stream
Utilizes AEMTuner Interface Software

For more standalone engine management solutions check out the StrikeEngine page dedicated to manufacturers of stand alone engine management products

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