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Alex Roy Cut From Drive? What A Joke!

Of all the people who Drive could cut, they cut Alex Roy. They must be idiots.

Of all the people Drive have in front of the camera they decided that Alex Roy was the worse guy they had. I don’t know how they measure success but however they do it, their KPIs are clearly faulty.

httpv:// – this is an excellent Roy movie, part one of three.

There are three presenters who are far more deserving of the chop than Alex Roy

JF Musial. Nice guy, good camera work/production but he is simply too boring to have in front of a lens.

Mike Spinelli & Leo Parente. These guys get excellent material but they are simply too annoying to watch. And on top of that they find a way to talk absolute garbage about interesting subjects.

Alex Roy on the other hand was knocking out high quality videos rammed with personality and charisma.

How do you quantify charisma? How do you quantify personality?

It is very simple, can you sit in front of your computer and be so entertained that instead of letting the video play in the background while you do something else you ignore the infinite distraction of the internet and give a presenter your full attention.

Alex Roy has it. Chris Harris has it. Matt Farah has it. Zak Klapman has it.

JF Musial, Mike Spinelli and Leo Parente have the opposite of personality and charisma.

How do you measure anti-personailty and anti-charisma?

Again it comes back to how you watch their videos.

You have three levels of video. Ones you watch, like Roy’s. Ones you listen to in the background and the ones you can not even stand to listen to even in the background.

Unfortunately, Spinelli, Musial and Parente videos come into the latter group.

I am not attacking these guys, only a small percentage of the population are gifted enough to put in front of the camera, they just don’t fall inside this small percentage, no shame in that.

I am sure they are awesome businessmen/marketing men/producers/script writers/well-connected etc but they should leave the front of camera stuff to others.

One can only assume that it is Spinelli, Parente and Musial that have got Drive off the ground and because of this they feel they deserve to be in front of the camera.

They would not dream of having this attitude if we were talking about TV but we are talking “YouTube” so they think it is okay. If this is the case then they are doing a great disservice to the quality presenters they have on the Drive channel.

Matt Farah gave the Alex Roy cut a lot of airtime on his Smoking Tire podcast and he put down the dropping of Alex Roy down to the number of views his videos were getting.

If this is the real reason then Drive need to take a second look at how they are running things because if this is the reason then the support they are giving their presenters is sadly lacking.

The titles of Alex Roy’s movies are much more cerebral than the other video titles put out by drive and this is the prime reason they are not getting the mega figures of average quality videos on the same channel.

Alex Roy’s videos were a fine wine compared to the quick adrenalin buzz of a Chris Harris video.

Up the tempo of Roy’s video titles and I am positive the views will come.

And something else from the marketing man’s point of view. Consider the type of viewer who is watching an Alex Roy video compared to those watching an M5 vs GTR match up.

An Alex Roy viewer is much more likely to be a wealthy car fanatic in his latest thirties to forties, where Harris viewers appeal primarily to a younger demographic. To put it another way, viewers of Roy videos are car connoisseurs

Top Gear has James May, Drive needs an Alex Roy. Car connoisseurs need an Alex Roy on Drive.


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