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Another Exhaust System for the R35 GT-R

Did the world need another one?

Probably not

Is there such a thing as a bad sounding exhaust on a GT-R?

I have yet to hear one

This is HKS’s offering and to be fair, there were probably one of the first to market.


HKS RB Series

  Main Characteristics of RB Series

  [ Effective on stock to high performance vehicles over 600PS. ]
The exhaust pipe utilizes an 85mm straight pipe so it can be effective on stock to high performance vehicles with upgraded turbines. HKS Metal Catalyzer can be used together (the joint diameter is designed to 80mm). Also, straight through construction of the main shell internals and tail pipe improves the exhaust efficiency. The ground clearance is maintained to be the same as the stock clearance by the optimized layout and flange position.
  [ The performance exhaust sound meets the JASMA standard. ]
The exhaust sound was designed to meet the JASMA standard, and the sound was created to be appropriate for a wide variety of situations such as “street,” “idling,” “cold start,” “high speed driving,” and “quiet driving.” Also, a comfortable clear sound inside the vehicle’s cabin is presented by eliminating the lower exhaust resonance.
  [ Unique exhaust sound designed specifically for the RB26 engine. ]
Listen to the unique exhaust sound designed specifically for the RB26 engine when the throttle is opened. The exhaust tone sounds different when driving on the street than on the highway. HKS strongly recommends for the GT-R owners to enjoy the RB sound with our masterpiece Super Turbo Muffler.
The exhaust sound was designed to meet the JASMA standard even used with HKS Front Pipe and/or Metal Catalyzer.
* The sound level may be out of the standard due to the vehicle’s settings and/or specifications.

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This is in Beta. At the moment only performance brake pads and coilovers are listed

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