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BMW Tuners
BMW E36 Tuning

BMW Body Kits

lite tuned
Xeigen                 uk dealer – rh motorsport (offers fitting service)
cadamuro           UK supplier –  forza tuning
ms design           UK supplier – Duncan Smith
lumma tuning       UK supplier – superspeed
erebuni                 UK supplier – ab styling
rieger tuning          UK supplier –  autotint design
esquiss auto         UK supplier – peugeot ecosse
wings west            UK supplier – the racers edge
merkur tuning         UK supplier –  not stated
pakfeifer                 UK supplier – evolution r

BMW Tuning Services/BMW Garages

VS Motor
Linden Vehicles
Hyper Turismo
Geoff Steel Racing
Zoom Motorsport
Bexley Motor Works
BM Bitz
Custom Werks
D H Auto Services
Gilberts of Ealing
Hart Lake
Hind Heath
Hughes Brothers
Lilly and Constable
Moseley Motorsport
Munich Legends
RM Fensome
S. Wales BMW Specialists
Teesside Auto Tech
Trenics Ltd
Racing Dynamics
AC Schnitzer
Bavarian Autosport
Bavarian Exchange

Cars Covered

E21 315/316/
E30 316i M40
E30 316i/318i M10
E30 318i/is M40
E30 320i 6cyl
E30 320i/323i 6cyl
E30 323 2.3 6cyl
E30 325 E
E30 325i/325E
E30/E36 318iS M42
E36 316i 8V
E36 318i
E36 318i 8V
E36 318iS 1.8 16v
E36 318iS 1.9 16V
E36 318Ti 1.8 16v
E36 318Ti 1.9 16v
E36 320i
E36 320i
E36 323i
E36 325i
E36 328i
E46 318i
E46 320/323ci
E46 325 TDS
E46 330 D
5 Series
E12 518
E12/E28 533i
E28 518i M10
E28 520i
E28 525 E  inc. 6cyl
E28 528E
E28/E34 520i 6cyl
E34 518i M40
E34 520i 2.0 12V
E34 520i 2.0 24V
E34 525i 2.5 12V
E34 525i 2.5 24V
E34 530i V6
E34 530i V8
E34 530i V8
E34 535i V6
E34 540i V8
E39 525 D
E39 530 D
E39 535i V8
E39 540i V8
E60 535i
6 Series
628 CSi E24
633 CSi E24
635 CSi E24
7 Series
E23 728i/732i/
E23 735i V6
E32 735i V6
E23 745i Turbo
E32 730i V6
E32 730i/740I V8
E32 750i
E38 730 D
E66 730 D
.850i V12/CSi 5.6i E31
M3 2.3 E30
M3 3.0 E36/   M3
Evolution 3.2
M5 3.5i E28
M5 3.5 E34
M5 3.8 E34
X3 3.0 D
X5 3.0 D
Z1 2.5
Z3 1.8i
Z3 2.0i/2.5i /2.8i/3.0i
Z3 M 3.2i Coupe and
Z3 M 3.2i
Z3 1.9i 16V
Z3 1.9i 16V

BMW Body Kits

new 7 series, 300c, cl class

z33, z3

lite tuned
Carbon fibre styling. front wings door cards, bonnets and spoilers. Carbon Bonnets for E46, E30 3 series.

Xeigen                    uk dealer – rh motorsport (offers fitting service)
Extreme styling for Seat Leon, E46 and Subaru Impreza

cadamuro                    UK supplier –  forza tuning

body kit, body styling manufacturer The site has a good variety of kits. In general a good site which shows good photos. The body kit designs are bang up to date. .

ms design                    UK supplier – Duncan Smith

The site is very professional. The BMW body kits featured on the site tend to be for the latest models and are understated in design.

lumma tuning                    UK supplier – superspeed

The site is professional, there is usually more than one kit available for the cars that are catered for. the kits featured are very nice and are presented In a professional manner. there are prices for each of the body kits, the site is In German. The company specialises in making body kits and body styling accessories for German car manufacturers BMW body kits such as the e46 body kit which comes in different styles including DTM, CLR, CL1 and race. E36 is also covered with a variety of specific e36 body

erebuni                   uk supplier – ab styling

BMW body kit and spoiler / wing manufacturer based in the states. In general the kits are quite extreme and have a distinctive look which will appeal to individual tastes. These body kits could not be mistaken for something supplied by the car manufacturer!

rieger tuning                    uk supplier –  autotint design

BMW body kit manufacturer. rieger is one of the more famous manufacturers of car body styling products. the products are tastefully extreme. their wide arch body kits are among the most famous in the business. The site has comprehensive information on the kits featured, info such as depth of aprons are included. the specs of the wheels shown with the body kits is also included which is particularly handy for the wide arch kits. i believe rieger can also supply the wheels shown in their photos. prices of the styling
parts are included in the pdf files. while the initial photos of the kits are of low quality, the photos in the download able pdf files are better and tend to show the kits from different angles. there is a comprehensive list of kits for most models, with the parts of the body kits being available separately. The  3 Series wide arch kits look the business.

esquiss auto                    uk supplier – peugeot ecosse

BMW body kit manufacturer, the company also sells items from the kits. the site does not feature on-line prices but there is a list of distributors on the site. the website is of good quality and is easy to navigate, it also features photos showing some of the construction and design of its body styling kits. Its BMW kits have been featured in national car magazines.

wings west                    uk supplier – the racers edge

BMW body kit, wing / spoiler and car accessory manufacturer. there is a unique system for finding the required styling products. the styling of the products themselves are distinctive although the cover of models appears to be quite patchy. the site looks professional and there is probably at least one item available for any u.s. car you care to mention. when I looked at the site the on line store was down so I imagine when it is back up and running there should be on line prices.

merkur tuning                    uk supplier –  not stated

BMW body kit, body styling manufacturer, the site has a comprehensive list of body kits for most models. site is in german but it is still easy to navigate. The photos of the body kits are very good quality. there is a pdf file which has the prices of the kits.

pakfeifer                    uk supplier – evolution r

BMW body kit, body styling manufacturer. the site has good quality photos of the body kits that the company manufacturers. the price of the body kits is included on the site and there is an on-line ordering facility. the company does stock body kits and body styling accessories for a range of car manufacturers. the site can be slow to load as the pictures of the bodykits are of quite high-resolution, the site is easy to navigate.BMW Tuning/BMW Garages

VS Motor
BMW Tuning The daddy’s  of bmw engine tuning? possibly. Their engine latest E34 has 1129bhp!

Linden Vehicles
BMW Tuning Services and BMW supercharger upgrades

Hyper Turismo
Performance parts for BMW tuning.

BMW tuning specialist offering engine upgrades, engine conversions as well as BMW servicing and repair. Site features fixed price servicing details as well as engine conversion prices. (Middlesex).

Geoff Steel Racing
BMW 3 Series specialist offering repair, servicing and race preparation of BMWs. (Lincs).

Zoom Motorsport
BMW tuning Specialist offering engine transplants, swaps and conversions as well as track day and race preparation. (Midlands)

Bexley Motor Works
BMW garage specialist. (Kent)

BM Bitz
BMW garage specialist offering servicing and repairs for all types of BMW inc new Mini. Also stock BMW alloy wheels. (Essex)

Custom Werks
BMW tuning, Mercedes tuning and Audi tuning Specialist offering servicing and repairs as well as track day preparation and performance part fitting. (Middlesex).

D H Auto Services
BMW specialist offering servicing of BMWs as well as Repair and Bodywork, Body Kit fitting and accident repair. (Essex).

Gilberts of Ealing
BMW garage and Saab specialist offering servicing and car sales. (London W5)

Hart Lake
BMW tuning specialist offering servicing and performance upgrades (Kent).

Hind Heath
BMW Garage offering servicing as well as new, used and performance parts. (Cheshire)

Hughes Brothers
BMW garage and Mercedes garage offering fixed price servicing with on line prices. (Derbys)

Classic BMW garage specialist focusing on 2002 and CS series BMWs servicing, restoration, trimming and body work are carried out. (Norfolk)

Lilly and Constable
Specialise in the sale, servicing and maintenance of high quality pre-owned cars (Kent).

Moseley Motorsport
BMW E30 M3 specialist offering servicing repair track day and race preparation as well as offering and fitting performance parts. (Midlands)

Munich Legends
BMW specialist offering sales and servicing of M Cars. (East Sussex)

BMW Specialist (Middlesex)

RM Fensome
Provides complete mechanical service and repairs to all BMW and Mercedes vehicles. This includes
services such as:

Complete brake repairs including ABS systems
Complete engine and transmission repairs
Full-line suspension and steering service
Routine factory recommended services
Electronic troubleshooting and repair
Electrical repairs
Clutch system repairs
Engine diagnostics


BMW Specialist offering servicing and used bmw for sale.

South Wales BMW Specialists
BMW Parts-Servicing-Repairs. (South Wales)

Teesside Auto Tech
BMW specialist offering servicing repair maintenance and fault diagnostics. (Tees)

Trenics Ltd
BMW garage offering servicing and sales. (North Wales)

Racing Dynamics          uk supplier/agent – autoquae ltd
BMW tuning specialist offering Engine, Suspension, Alloy Wheels and Styling upgrades for most new BMW models including the Range Rover, Phantom, X5, E53, X3 E83, E46 M3, E90, Z4 E85. One stop shop for BMW upgrades, includes overbored, rebuilt engines, headers, manifolds cams. They stroke the 3 litre engine found in the 330i R35 to 3.5 litres and it produces 338hp. US Based company with UK agent.

AC Schnitzer
Car tuning company dedicated to BMW tuning, AC Schnitzer sells performance parts for all areas of BMW tuning including the BMW 3 series E30, E36 and E46 as well as the BMW 5 series inc. the E39, E60 and E61. The products that AC Schnitzer offer include BMW body kits, uprated suspension as well as alloy wheels and interior car accessories and performance engine tuning components.

BMW tuning specialist dedicated to BMW. Range of products and services range from complete modified BMWs to performance air filters and performance exhausts. Alpina also manufacturer alloy wheels and suspension as well as body kit and body styling parts and accessories. Alpina can also supply interior styling accessories such as carpets and mats to steering wheels and gear knobs.

BMW tuning company dedicated to performance tuning parts and accessories. Hartge offer a complete service from BMW engine conversions and increased displacement engines to body kit and body styling parts for most BMW models including the M3. Performance exhausts and alloy wheels are also available through Hartge.

A car tuning company dedicated to German marquees including BMW and Volkswagen Audi Group. BMW E46 parts include body kit components as well as lowered suspension kits and diesel tuning chips.

Bavarian Autosport
American based BMW performance part specialist offering a complete range of performance parts for all BMWs, for all areas of the car for all ages of vehicle.

Bavarian Exchange
New rebuilt BMW engines with 5 year warranty.  Standard engine rebuilt as well as performance engines built.USA based company.

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