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Delcam, Birmingham, UK

Delcam will demonstrate its award-winning range of CAD/CAM software for the autosport industryThe software is used in a wide range of applications including the machining of engine ports and other complex shapes, and the manufacture of composites components. It IS best known for being the software used by Zytek Engineering in the production of the A 1 Grand Prix engine but is also used by many other autosport teams and subcontractors, including Proton KR Cagiva, Paul Morris Motorsports and ATR In addition, the company's PowerlNSPECT inspection software is used by both the FIA and NASCAR to enforce their regulations

New Technology CAD/CAM Ltd, Buckinghamshire, UK
is one of the leading suppliers of the highly affordable premier design software solution, SolidWorks NT CAD/CAM offers designers and manufacturers complete design and engineering solutions built around SolidWorks. The company also provides customers with comprehensive product data management (PO M), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), finite element analysis (FEA), and knowledge based engineering (KBE) solutions. With a respected heritage built upon understanding genuine design and engineering issues, and a total commitment to customer service and support, NT CAD/CAM brings together the full wealth of resources required to enable companies to maximize their investment and achieve a fast Rm

Sescoi UK Ltd, West Midlands, UK
For 20 years, Sescol has developed software solutions renowned for their quality, reliability, ease of use, and automatic features, as well as for world-class technical support and service. Sescoi has established sales and support offices not only in the UK but across Europe, the United States and Asia in order to serve thousands of customers from a range of industries Sescoi's software solutions include WorkNC G3. the new generation of Sescoi's automatic CAM/CAD solution for two to five axis milling, featuring the award winning 'Auto 5' module which automatically converts three axis toolpaths into simultaneous five aXIs tool paths. MyWorkPLAN, cost effective and easy to Implement Job management system for small and medium sized custom manufacturers that controls quotations, time and resources, capacity and delivery dates to optimise performance and profitability Also introducing WorkPLAN Enterprise, new generation ERP software. With many years' business, engineering and software development experience, Sescol understands customers' requirements, helps them master the challenges of new software Implementation and bUild their business long-term