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Cancer Rates – Why they will only increase

The reason for increasing cancer rates? Increased chemicals in our environment, whether it be in our food, on our food or in the air around us.

If we reduce the amount of chemicals we use, revenues of chemical producing companies will decline.

If the rate of cancer reduces, the money spent in the healthcare industry will reduce.

If the rate of cancers reduce the money spent on pharmaceuticals will reduce.

Which companies benefit from the reduction in the number of cancer cases?

Arguably all companies that are not involved in chemical production for agribusiness or pharmaceuticals.

But you could also argue that no companies benefit from cancer rates being reduced.

The problem is the economic gains to all the other companies is spread so thinly ( because all companies gain) that there is no financial incentive for any of these companies to promote the use of less chemicals and/or pharmaceuticals.

However, as individuals, we all benefit from ingesting less chemicals from our food and from the air we breath. We also benefit reducing our intake in pharmaceuticals, both financially, psychologically and physiologically.

It is pointless (and/or foolish) to expect governments or businesses to promote healthier living, by and large it would be against their self interests financially but it is in our best interests as individuals to live healthier.

It is our responsibility as individuals to search for foods which use the minimum amount of chemicals in their growth, harvesting and sale.

It is our responsibility to research the drugs we are prescribed.

We need to research natural alternatives to the drugs we are prescribed. Whether it be by addressing the root cause of the condition to negate the need to take any medication or by looking for natural alternatives to the prescribed drug.

When it comes to living healthy, it takes more time and more research for us an individuals to find what we want & need but we have no choice, we are not going to get the answers from businesses, we have to search out sources of information from other individuals if we are truly interested in being healthier.

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