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Car Bulb Sizes – Typical Brake, Indicator, Side Light, Low Beam, High Beam Sizes

This is car bulb size guide is for my personal reference more than anything but I am making it public because I think by and large, many cars use the same types of bulbs.

If you want to be sure, then I recommend using an automotive bulb finder like this one from Ring


Bayonet Type Dual Filament Lights/Brake Light -P21/5W

Bayonet Single Filament Lights, Brake Light, Fog Light, Indicator (if not coloured) P21W


Bayonet Bulbs Amber Indicator PY2W

Bayonet Bulbs Red Brake PR21W

Bayonet Duel Filament Red Brake PR21/5W

Blade Type Sidelights Clear W21W

Blade Type Bulbs Dashboard (Possible 3rd brake light) Illumination Clear W5W

Headlight Bulbs Dual Filament ie High and Low Beam in Same Bulb H4

Headlight Single Filament H1 or H7

Foglights Bulbs Various

Wiki has an excellent page on bulb sizes here


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