Car Rental Excess Insurance – Should you get it?

I have done it all. Not taken any excess insurance, taken the car rental companies insurance, taken insurance for the excess and had a car damaged without any excess insurance.

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Or you could just take on the liability of the 1000GBP and not pay anything extra.

If you don’t want to do that, take insurance to cover the excess but bear in mind you will still probably have to hand over 1000GBP if you damage the hire car or if the hire cars gets damaged. Difference being you get the money back if you have insurance for the excess.

If you don’t have insurance for the excess you may not get the 1000GBP

Personally over the years I must have hire 20+ cars. If I had taken the insurance to cover the excess I would have probably spent 800GBP so far. Almost the same amount as pranging the car……

Also bear in mind things out of your control. What if your car gets damages when you have parked it up (like me) but you don’t know who did it. You going to be out of pocket. So think about where you are you going to be leaving the car. Dodgy areas? They maybe get some cover

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