Autocar videos - We've just discovered these videos, a sort of online magazine version of Top Gear. Except the whole business of car reviews is taken a lot more seriously and is more informative. Autocar videos are more for the real car enthusiast that the casual car admirer.

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Autocar Videos - Millbrook, Caterham R500 vs Ducati. Which is quicker the car or the bike, the age old question.

Autocar Vidoes - Chris Harris reviews the new Nissan R35 GTR and pits it against the Porsche 997 GT3 and BMW E92 M3 at Bedford Autodrome.

Chris Harris sees how the new Audi RS6 stands up against the class benchmark, the BMW M5

Steve Sutcliffe takes the dream assignment of driving a modern Formula 1 car around the Silverstone national circuit. Includes a nice little time trial where Button takes on Steve in the new Civic Type R with a quick telemetry analysis at the end of the trial to see who was quicker where. Steve gives a commentary of his lap showing the ups and downs of driving one of these beasts. Also shows a comparison of Steves lap against the test drivers in the F1 car to see how he stacks up.

Chris Harris has a jolly thinly veiled as investigative journalism maxing out the Bugatti Veyron on a German Autobahn. Nice incerdilble-ometer!. Also shows a speedometer shot showing the unbelievable acceleration that the Veyron is capable of

Steve Sutcliffe tests the EVO X against the new STI from 0-100mph and a slalom test and a short time trial

Autocar Video - Hot Hatch test at Goodwood, Vauxhall/Opel Corsa VXR/OPC vs Suzuki Swift Sport vs Renault Clio 197 Cup. The Suzuki Swift is not the fastest but sounds like it could be the most fun

Chris Harris takes the 9FF GT9 for a series of acceleration runs