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Cold Air – Does it make your car faster? If so, by how much?

From this video. Colder air makes a massive difference to acceleration times. If you are a bracket racer, you know this, for the layman like me, I knew there was a difference, but not how much.

Turn outs a 8.3C drop in temperature makes the car accelerate 7% faster!

From 115km/h to 140km/h the car accelerated 0.3 seconds faster when the temperature was 8.3 Celcius colder, 4.0 seconds vs 4.3 seconds

Using the StrikeEngine power calculator

This 8.3 Celcius drop increased engine power by 5%.

Engine power at 17.7 Celcius was 149bhp at the engine (acceleration 4.3 second)

Engine power at 9.3 Celcius was 159bhp at the engine (acceleration 4.0 seconds)

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