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Data Logger & Sensor Manufacturers & Suppliers

Data Logger & Sensor Manufacturers & Suppliers to top level motorsport from the UK and USA.

A data logger (or datalogger) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Increasingly, but not entirely, they are based on a digital processor (or computer). They generally are small, battery powered and portable.

Dataloggers vary between general purpose types for a range of measurement applications to very specific devices for measuring in one environment only. It is common for general purpose types to be programmable however many remain as static machines with only a limited number of changeable parameters. Electronic dataloggers have replaced chart recorders in many applications. more from Wikipedia

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Data Logger & Sensor Manufacturers & Suppliers

2D Debus and Diebold
Active Sensor
AIM Sports
ATEX ltd,
BERU Fl Systems
Competition Data Systems
Computech Systems
Dataspares Aquisition
DC Electronics
Druck and GE Sensing
EuroPac Metrology
Gill Sensors
KA Sensors Ltd
Kulite Sensors
memotec Messtechnik, Germany
Micro Epsilon
Mitchell Software
Penny and Giles Controls
Pi Research
Race Logic
Race Technology
Roxspur Measurement and Control
Sensors UK
Tesa Technology UK ltd
Test and Measurement Instruments C.C. – South Africe
Variohm EuroSensor

Data Logger & Sensor Manufacturers & Suppliers

2D Debus and Diebold Messsysteme GmbH Alte Karlsruher, Germany

2D Debus & Diebold – Full range of datalogging equipment from sensors to displays


20 sensors and loggers combine sensitivity and reliability with minimal size and weight and a minimum resolution of 12 bit Its product range consists of standard sensors for data acquisition as well as special developments such as right height and fast contact lower tyre and brake disc temperatures. The data CAN logger system supports I 6 bit resolution, 4Gbyte samples memory and 3200Hz sampling rate for all channels The logger Seven is able to sample 64 channels simultaneously in groups and also supports ICP and SG sensors. The full professional analysing software completes a measurement system out of one hand

Active Sensor
Active Sensors has an envious reputation as a designer & manufacture of high performance control & measurement sensors for Industrial and Automotive applications. We offer a comprehensive range of sensors for individual customer applications.

AIM Sports, Datalogiing
AiM Sports is the world leader in motor sports and race data acquisition technology, electronics, instrumentation, data loggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and race vehicles including cars, motorcycles, karts, and junior dragsters. Many AiM products combine the functions of traditional tachometer (tach / RPM gauge), speedometer, temperature gauge, pressure gauge and lap timer all into one compact, high performance unit.

ATEX ltd,  Wallingford, Oxon UK

Atex is a measurement specialities company which designs and manufactures solid state sensors for the autosport Industry. Atex works with most of the F 1 teams, helping it to achieve tile highest sensor supply volume to the sport Specialising In acceleration, load and pressure sensing, as well as strain gauging, Atex and Measurement specialities products can be found In the most demanding environments, coping with the high vibration and extreme temperatures that are involved In autosport applications

BERU Fl Systems Technical Centre, Norfolk, UK

BERU Fl Systems will be slowing its latest applications of wire in composite The firm will also be presenting suspension, aero and power train load cells together with updates to its corner weight system applicable to F l, NASCAR and Endurance racing. The award-winning DiglTyre pressure monitoring system will be on display in race and road derivatives, and is now used by several vehicle manufacturers, Engineers will be on hand to discuss wiring, load cells, composites and TPHS applications. Sister company BFl Connect will be providing engineers, car and engine builders

Competition Data Systems
Competition Data Systems Inc. is an American owned and operated company that has established itself as a market leader in the racing data acquisition business by following a simple philosophy:

-Provide high quality, easy to use products backed by the best warranty and customer service in the business.
-Design-in a seamless upgrade path so that the customer never has to discard an existing system and “start over” when moving up the racing ladder.
-Price these products to provide the best value (highest performance/price ratio) in the business.
-Continue to evolve these products with industry leading technical innovations

Computech Systems
The DATAMAXX® data logger is a complete stand-alone   data acquisition system designed to fit the sportsman   racer’s budget, but with features and sample rates that   rival the most expensive systems available.

Dataspares Aquisition
We supply data logging experience and expertise to motorsport teams and entire championships. Whatever the vehicle, we can recommend the best system, parts and manpower to suit your team’s needs.

DATAS (Data Analysis Tools and Simulation), Norfolk, UK
DATAS was formed by vehicle dynamicist Steffen Kosuch and Fl designer Chris Murphy In 1999, to develop and distribute their main award-winning product RaceSim vehicle simulation software. After extensive development and validation testing, RaceSlm IS now available in Version 2Ix, with levels  ranging from Dallara F3 up to full dynamic transient Expert Recent DATAS developments include faster calculation method to speed up the run time which will be particularly useful for multiple simulations In DOE routines

Datron TechnologyLtd, Milton Keynes, UK
Datron will be showing all the latest data acquisition / data logger systems and sensors for motorsport applications and automotive developments It specialises In non- contact technology sensors for speed, slip-angles, ride heights and temperatures

DC Electronics, Essex, UK
In addition to being a leading manufacturer of electrical systems in the motorsport Industry, DC Electronics has developed a unique electronic power steering system – test the system yourself on its stand. The company can provide engine management and data logger acquisition hardware for most of the leading motorsport manufacturers, as well as advising on and supplying control panels, LED lights, switches, circuit breakers and sensors. Visit DC Electronics not Just for your wiring loom but for your complete electrical system

Druck and GE Sensing, Leicester, UK
GE Sensing is a leader in advanced measuring and test solutions for the international motorsport industry including F1 and World Rally Car. The portfolio includes Druck pressure sensors – used for a wide range of on-car performance critical applications ranging from engine oil, fuel and coolant to gearbox oil, air intake, exhaust and brake/turbo pressures and power steering. Accurate pressure data is delivered even under severe temperature, vibration and shock loadings and the modular yet compact design ensures compatibility for all vehicle applications. A wide range of pressure, temperature and electrical test equipment is available for the trackside, workshop and laboratory

EuroPac Metrology, Crewe, Cheshire, UK 
EuroPac Metrology is a specialist supplier of portable measurement and laser scanning equipment to the F1 and autos port Industry. Perceptron contour laser scanner is used to scan components for the purposes of inspection, reverse engineering and solid modelling; collecting data at a rate of 450,000points per second and with a point resolution of four microns. Portable long range measurement system from Metroner allows wireless and beamless probing measurement up to a range of 30m. The NDI Optotrak system is the ultimate solution for real- time dynamic measurement of components. Wind tunnel movement can be analysed in real-time to monitor component angles, ride heights, deflection and other dynamic movements

FARO UK ,Coventry, UK
FAROUK provides portable 3D measurement solutions for a wide range of Industries Including automotive, aerospace and manufacturing The company’s products allow manufacturers to perform 3D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor Principal products include the FARO Gage, Gage-PLUS and PowerGAGE. Quantum FaroArm, FaroArm Platinum and Titanium, FARO laser ScanArm, FARO laser Scanner lS, FARO laser Tracker X and Xi and the CAM2 family of advanced CAD-certified, and accredited to ISO-1 7025 Calibration laboratory Standard and is rapidly becoming the industrial standard for quality control in the manufacturing environment

Gill Sensors, Hampshire. UK
Gill Sensors supply position and liquid level sensors to race teams in most formulas across the world, It is the leading liquid level sensor supplier to Formula I having supplied teams for over six years. Recent developments include the R-Series level sensor for fuel. oil or bio- fuel medium. Launched at the end of 2005 this sensor is now used in NASCAR. Paris-Dakar, CHAMP Car and WRC with great success, With a wealth of experience it understands the demands of the motorsport industry and has a rapid design and delivery service.

KA Sensors Ltd, Lincolnshire, UK
Sensor solutions for racing, It IS a small dynamic company with sensor solutions for use in all levels of racing, Sensors to measure Pressure, force, torque, acceleration, temperature, distance, rate, speed. It also provides strain gauging services, data logging / logger products and wiring harnesses. Its engineers provide a confidential service to assist in finding accurate and cost effective solutions to even the most extreme sensing problems New for 2008 include miniature pressure sensors for high temperature installations. Low cost pressure sensors for system builders DC response accelerometers for accurate mapping with no influence from transmission vibration

Kulite Sensors ltd, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
Kulite is the leading supplier of highly accurate and reliable solid state pressure and combination pressure and temperature transducers to the autos port market for race car and automotive laboratory testing applications. Kulite’s pressure transducers utilize piezo-resistive technology secured in an all welded, ruggedised package. Its latest leadless Technology allows racecar engineers to make measurements in environments of high vibration, high acceleration and high temperature. Kulite maintains a unique ability to design and produce custom transducers for dynamic and steady state pressure measurement and specialises in miniature versions. On show will be a varied range of miniature motorsport transducers

memotec Messtechnik, Germany – Driver Datalogging and Driver Performance Recording Equipment
Today AIM is the world-wide market-leader with lap timer, data recording and racing instruments, the way memotec is for the German-speaking area with the AIM products. The reasons for this are in the first instance the innovative products from AIM, the product-quality and the downright fair cost-performance ratio (for example there are no software licenses but gratis downloads).

memotec attaches great importance to service and customer satisfaction. Our company disposes of consolidated knowledge, well-trained employees, latest business-, communication and workshop-equipment, of a well-provided ware- and replacement-depot and motivated employees.

Our service also includes instruction sheets and software in German which will be translated by us. Aside we have field workers at more than 80 race events per year in order be at the costumers command with know how. This is only possible if we have enough money being the reason why our products are dearer than in service-free zones, for example at eBay, but standing in a good stead for our customers. Each product is only as good as the service. That’s why our customers will be favored.
The latest step has been our hotline. Our staff is able to access on the customer’s computer from a special workplace in order to install the software, write configurations or analyze data. The expenditure of time will be settled via the telephone charge.

memotec not only invests in the service but also in the future. We develop new measurement instruments and –methods and work together with several Formula Student Teams and the according universities. Particularly we emphasize the long lasting cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Cologne that has accordingly to the Formula Student Team an own team in the BFGoodrich Long-distance Race Nürburgring. For the first time we have in 2007 a student from this university attending for an internship in our company. Also the cooperation with associations, organizations and presenters is very important for us.

The only GPS camcorder with real-time data overlay

With traditional on-board cameras you get nice videos. With SmartyCam you get much more: because Smarty Cam records your technical data together with videos. So you can analyze your sessions and …improve your performance!

AIM SmartyCam combines a solid state digital video recorder with high speed GPS and real-time data overlays. Configurable instrument transparencies, real-time track position and GPS lap timing result in the most stunning video ever seen from an on-board camera. An ideal tool for all motorsports enthusiasts!

Micro Epsilon UK ltd,Liverpool, UK
Micro Epsilon UK L td IS a world leader in the manufacture of precision non-contact displacement sensors Established for more than 30 years, it prides itself on the manufacture of robust sensors for the most demanding applications Micro Epsilon UK Ltd’s product technologies include eddy current, laser. capacitive, infra red temperature. LVDl draw wire, linear inductive It presently supplies sensors to the motors port Fl, Le Mans. rally sport market sectors for both on-vehicle and test cell measurements. It has the ability to supply custom sensor designs

Mitchell Software, North Carolina, USA
Wm. C. Mitchell Software has been providing world class software for motorsport for twenty five years. The Racing by the Numbers programs for suspension geometry, gearing, data acquisition analysis. braking systems and even driving lines have been used throughout the world by large professional teams, small teams and students. New enhancements for 2008 include the analysis of data from Kinematics and Compliance (K and C) machines as well as a suite of teaching programs

Penny and Giles Controls Ltd,Dorset, UK 
Penny and Giles offers a comprehensive and capable range of position sensors and displacement transducers and has become a benchmark standard in motors port assisting every winning team in the Fl Championship since 19B6 With potentiometric. inductive and Hall effect technologies available, the most suitable solution for specific applications can be selected Applications on suspension, steering, clutch, gearbox, throttle, brakes and hydraulics can be handled, with a choice of standard products available on rapid deliveries, or its specialist custom design team can tailor products to meet more unique requirements.

Pi Research, Cambridge, UK
Pi Research designs and manufactures performance electronics and software products for every motors port application, from karting to Fl Pi Research will launch the new Omega 02 Dash, which provides crystal clear display and powerful data logging / logger in a single unit The Pectel range of ECU’s will also be showcased including the highly successful SQ6M, the new SQ6M12  and Gearbox Control Unit For the club motorsport market there will be the Video Overlay Unit ideal for producing video footage which includes data from a PI research system or Omega Series dash. Also to be unveiled IS the new version of the industry-standard data analysis software, PI Toolbox.

Race Logic
Racelogic design and manufacture cutting edge electronic systems for the automotive industry. We sell a range of innovative products and offer a motivated and dynamic consultancy service.

Race Technology
Race Technology is a Nottingham (UK) based company, developing high technology automotive electronic solutions. In particular, we are leaders in the field of GPS data loggers, CAN communications, instrumentation, and data acquisition for auto sport and industrial applications. We supply systems throughout the world for applications as diverse as accident reconstruction to drag racing, F1 boats to delivery vans.

As well as having our own range of highly successful products, we also do custom work for many clients and a wide range of applications – If you have an automotive electronics project, then we can help.
Roxspur Measurement and Control, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Roxspur Measurement and Control L td is the leading manufacturer of temperature (Brearley), pressure (Sensit) and flow (Pia ton) Measurement Products. It specialises in the ‘Total Solution’, of specifying, manufacturing, installing, maintaining, calibrating and replacing. ‘A total one stop shop from RM and C’ Working closely with Blue Chip companies across Europe, RM and C has an established name within the measurement industry. RM and C Brearley IS the largest manufacturer of Industrial Temperature Sensors within the UK. RM and C Sensit is the world leader in ceramic strain gauge technology and the only UK manufacturer of ceramic sensors RM and C Platon is the UK’s premier manufacturer and supplier of flow measurement devices.

Sensors UK ltd, Hertfordshire, UK
Sensors UK Ltd products are ideally suited to the automotive and autosport industries. It provides specialist data loggers, pedal force transducers etc Over the past few years it has worked extensively with Fl racing teams so that our products are tailored perfectly to the sports requirements

Stack Ltd, Bicester, Oxon, UK
Stack is a leading supplier of Instrumentation, data acquisition and video-logging solutions to all levels of motors port Consistently first to market with innovative and technically advanced products, It provides a total data solution for any vehicle, including performance road cars and bikes Products include tachometers, integrated driver display systems, stand-alone or Integrated modular data acquisition systems and powerful, easy to use data analysis software, Video solutions include the Stack synchronized Video AnalysIs System, Video and Data Overlay, and the solid -state digital Video recorder (DVR) for use in harsh environments, Stack remains the number one supplier from trackday enthusiasts to professional teams

Tesa Technology UK ltd, Shropshire, UK
Tesa Technology UK Ltd, part of the Hexagon Group, offers one of the largest ranges of metrology equipment from its SWiss-made T esa brand of products Designed for shop floor use as well as the laboratory environment with a product range that includes classic instruments, digital height gauges and electronic gauging systems. Key products from the Tesa portfolio include the MH3D coordinate measuring machines which are available in both manual and DCC configuration, and the Visio 300 optical vision range, which now comes with multi sensor systems

Test and Measurement Instruments C.C.
Test and Measurement Instruments c.c. have supplied quality branded products into the Southern African Continent for over 25 years, from manufacturers like Lutron, Fluke, T+M, Flir and many others. We offer great sales and after-sales service and maintain all products sold by us.

Scales, AC/DC Current Measuring equipment, digital multimeters, clamp meters, infrared cameras, digital storage oscilloscopes, frequency counters, function generators

Variohm EuroSensor Ltd, Towcester, Northants, UK
Variohm EuroSensor is a specialist supplier of sensors for the autosports industry. Its range of position, temperature and pressure sensors are proven in many different applications Not only are these sensors compact in design, they use the latest contacting and non-contacting technologies, which enables them to survive even under high levels of shock, vibration and temperature.

Lambda EGT datalogging as well as systems for displaying and recording engine data from the OBD plug.


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