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Driverless Cars – The FATAL Flaw in the Technology

The fatal flaw with driverless cars is that the driver cannot rely on the technology 100% of the time.

Any system, which, should it fail, leave you in an immediately life threatening situation is inherently dangerous and it is a FATAL flaw.

To give an example

Imagine Mercedes said we offer you Bluetooth by which you can connect to the car’s in car entertainment system.

But imagine they also say, “you cannot rely on this technology completely, so you also need to connect the phone to the entertainment system with a cable at the same time”.

This is EXACTLY the analogy of driverless technology

“We give you a technology which drives the car, but you have to be alert at all times as if you were actually driving the car”

If a car manufacturer said this for their Bluetooth system, people would rightly say it is completely pointless.

People should also be saying the same for driverless car technology.

Driverless car technology whether it be automatic steering, lane assist, radar guided cruise control. Basically any technology, which, if it were to fail, it would leave you in a life threatening situation immediately.

Not only is the idea of driverless technology completely pointless it is also inherently dangerous (if the purpose of the system is to let the driver concentrate less on their surroundings)

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