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Motorsport Fastners, Catches, Bolts, & Pins

AeroCatch, Totnes, Devon, UK
AeroCatch is a modern panel fastening solution for bonnet, boot and tailgates. It offers both aerodynamic and aesthetic advantages when compared to the older 'sliding pin' design. AeroCatch's characteristics are ideally suited to the motorsport environment, being made from corrosion free, glass-reinforced thermoplastic. it is both strong and lightweight AeroCatch is offered in two styles plus flush - flange fixed 2.5mm  above the surface, or flush, with optional key locking available in both styles

ARP Automotive Racing Products, Santa Paula, California, USA
ARP is a leading manufacturer of specialised threaded fasteners used in a range of motor sports, including Fl, Moto GP, WSB, WRC, DTM, BTCC, A 1 GP, ALMS, IRL, NASCAR NHRA and EDC (European Drift Championship). It produces fasteners from a variety of steel alloys and titanium ARP offers off the shelf and custom made parts. It has a worldwide distributor network and a UK-based European office offering product and technical support. For a list of distributors visit the website

Northbridge Motorsport, Wigston, Leicester, UK
Northbridge Motorsport designs and manufactures high performance bolts and studs All operations are completed in house, including heat treatment, inspection and test These parts are made in all critical materials including high strength titanium and multi phase alloys.

Precision Micro ltd, Birmingham, UK
Precision Micro excels in the production of high precision metal automotive components. From high performance gaskets, shims and spacers for Formula 1 teams to fuel injector and fuel management components for major automotive brands; from decorative trim parts to high precision micro- filters, from high load lead frames for "black box technology" to electronic fuel cell plates for eco- friendly vehicles. Wherever there is a need for ultimate precision, design flair and timely delivery, Precision Micro is a supplier worthy of serious consideration

TK Precision
The main objective of T & K Precision is to achieve the highest possible standards in
precision engineering. To this end, we have concentrated our capabilities on the
production of precision turned parts ranging in size from 3mm to 50mm diameter,
across a wide range of specialised materials.

Seny precision thread rolling machines provide a far superior finish to that of traditional “cut” threads.