RS Turbo Tuning Specs vs Acceleration Times 0-60, 0-100, 1/4mile, Standing Mile, Top Speed
If you want to know how effective specific modifications are on the RS Turbo (Fiesta & Escort) this is the article for you. RS Turbo tuning parts against acceleration times.

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RS Turbo Tuning Specs vs Acceleration Times.

The following 0-60, 0-100, 1/4mile standing mile and top speed figures were collected on a slightly damp day at Bruntingthorpe.

Car 1: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
Farndon H-Section stell con-rods, Mahle forged pistons, ARP bolts, ported and polished cylinder head, oversize stainless stell valves, Piper cam, Kent cam pulleys, roller bearing turbo, Omex 700 series fuel and ignition management with anti lag, Bosch 803 injectors, Cosworth throttle body, 3bar map sensor, -34actuator, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Mongoose 76mm bore exhaust system, custom downpipe, Blitz SBC ID boost controller, RS500 Group A cone filter, GRS front mount intercooler, SFS Performance silicone hoses, Vibratechnics engine mounts.

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 6.63secs
0-100: 13.5secs
1/4 mile: 14.99secs @ 107.37mph
Standing Mile: 35.31secs @ 151.57mph
Top Speed: 161.2mph

RS Turbo Tuning Specs vs Acceleration Times.

Car 2: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
Fiesta Frenzy 2.1 ZVH, Mahle low compression forged pistons, modified Zetec con-rods, ARP Racing bolts, lightened and balanced, Felpro multi layer head gasket, Fiesta Frenzy stage 3 head, 1.5mm oversize inlet valve, +1mm oversize exhaust valve, Kent Cams adjustable pulley, Fiesta Frenzy camshaft, double valve springs, 4x355cc Weber Green injectors, Ahmed Bayjoo custom chip, 2.5bar MAP sensor, Garret T3, GRS front mount intercooler, GRS alloy radiator, Mongoose stainless steel exhaust system, Pipercross Escort Cosworth WRC induction kit, Bailey oil breather, Samco Sport & Roose Motorsport silicone hoses.

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 6.54secs
0-100: 12.76secs
1/4 mile: 14.17secs @ 110.15mph
Top Speed: 120.06mph


Car 3: Series 1 Escort RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
1900cc CVH, steel crank, steel con-rods, forged pistons, NMS full race cylinder head with big valves, NMS camshaft, solid lifters, S1 inlet converted to accept Cossie management, 4x803 injectors, 3bar MAP sensor, -31 actuator, T34 turbo, NMS intercooler, RamAir cone filter, oil cooler, NMS custom map, 1.8bar boost.

Transmission Spec:
CTS stage 2 box with Quaife ATB, AP Racing 4 paddle clutch

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 6.49secs
0-100: 12.49 secs
1/4mile: 14.32secs @ 110.13mph
Standing Mile: 34.73secs @ 149.24mph
Top Speed: 155.7mph


Car 4: Fiesta RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
2Litre Zetec Fiesta Frenzy conversion, T3 turbo, Ahmed Bayjoo program, Fiesta RS Turbo inlet and management, 265bp @ 17PSI.

Uprated gearbox with Quaife ATB diff

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 4.93secs
0-100: 9.52secs
1/4 mile: 12.89secs @ 115.12mph
Standing Mile: NA
Top Speed: 144.3mph


Car 5: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
1600cc, Farndon H-Section steel con-rods, Cosworth low compression pistons, stage 3 big valve head, Piper cam, double valve springs, anti pump lifters, Piper vernier pulley, Cosworth throttle body fitted on modified MFi inlet manifold, 4x Cosworth 403 Grey injectors, 3bar MAP sensor, T34 turbo, OMEX 700 engine managemen, ALS valve, GReddy electronic boost controller, Graham Goode Racing monster K&N air filter, GRS intercooler, GRS alloy radiator, Mocal oil cooler, Aeroquiped

Transmission Spec:
Stage 2 CTS gearbox with Quaife ATB differential, AP Racing four paddle clutch with heavy duty clutch plate, B&M, MK5/MK6 Escort clutch pedal conversion

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 7.28secs
0-100: 14.35secs
1/4 mile: 15.46secs @ 105.03mph
Standing Mile: 35.84secs @ 145.46mph
Top Speed: 148.2mph


Car 6: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
2.1 Zetec, lightened and balanced bottom end, Efi flywheel, AP four paddle clutch, Calibra turbo pistons, 7.6:1 compression ratio, 4 layer metal head gasket, Escort 1800 inlet manifold, 2litre throttle body, MSD 400cc injectors, MSD program, Fusion Fabrication exhaust

Transmission Spec:

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 5.93secs
0-100: 11.71secs
1/4 Mile: 14.01secs @ 111.71mph
Standing Mile: 35.23secs @ 142.81mph
Top Speed: 143.1mph


Car 7: Series 2 RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
2057cc ZVH, lightened and balanced, ARP bolts, Mahle low compression forged pistons, triple layer head gasket, ported and polished cylinder head, +1mm valves, bronze valve guides, Kent CVH35 cam, vernier pulley, L6 ECU with Pectel board, modified Cosworth loom, 4x803 Dark Green injectors, 2wd Cossie throttle body, 3bar MAP sensor, modified Series 1 inlet manifold, hybrid T34 with 360degree thrust bearing, 2.5inch stainless steel exhaust system, Radtec alloy radiator, Radtec chargecooler, Spec-R oil breather and swirl pot, Vibratechnics engine mounts.

Transmission Spec:
Rally Design quick shift, MK5 Escort diesel gearbox with uprated main and layshaft bearing, standard viscous LSD with differnet fluid for faster lock up, 4 paddle AP Racing clutch

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 6.86secs
0-100: 14.04secs
1/4mile: 14.83secs @ 104.47mph
Standing Mile: 36.75secs @ 129mph
Top Speed: 135.4mph


Car 8: Fiesta RS Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
2litre Zetec WRC block, Arrow Precision steel con-rods, Arias low compression pistons, big valve Fiesta Frenzy cylinder head, custom camshafts, 4 x Pico 550cc injectors & 4x270cc injectors, GT30 turbo, Turbonetics external wastegate, Fiesta Frenzy exhaust manifold, Pectel T2 management, 400bhp @ 20psi

Transmission Spec:
Uprated gearbox with 3.56 final drive, Quaife ATP diff

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 6.4secs
0-100: 11.21secs
1/4 mile: 14.21secs @ 116.19mph
Standing Mile: 31.70secs @ 170.83mph
Top Speed: 179.8mph


Car 8: Orion Turbo

Engine Tuning Spec:
2.1ZVH, ARP bolts, Vendervel shells, Accralite forged pistons, 4 layer head gasket, ported and polished head, Kent CVH35 camshaft and vernier pulley, Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies, Urban Racing inlet manifold, 4x803 Green injectors, hybrid T3 turbo, -31 actuator, Urban Racing intercooler, Urban Racing exhaust system, 2.5bar MAP sensor, DTA EXP48 management, Wizards of NOS 100i nitrous kit, CO2 intercooler spray, Jaguar fuel pump, FSE fuel pressure regulator, RS1600i rocker cover, Samco Sport silicone hoses, 15PSI boost, 50shot of nitrous

Transmission Specs:
Plated motorsport diff, turbo diesel gearbox, AP Racing 4 paddle clutch

Acceleration Times:
0-60: 5.39secs
0-100: 10.07secs
1/4 mile: 13.36secs @ 115.92mph
Standing Mile: NA
Top Speed: 147.4mph



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