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How to beat the All Blacks – Rugby World Cup

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It’s obvious why New Zealand are so good, why does no one copy them?


New Zealand players make you tackle, they don’t fall to the floor with the initiation of contact.

A New Zealand player must be tackled. With force.

Their mentality “I will not fall, I will not give up”

Can no other country copying this mentality? Consistently.

When an All-Black goes into a tackle they stay on their feet, they keep moving forward until you bring them down and while you are trying to bring him down and while you are using energy and while you are drawing more men in to the tackle, the All Black is looking for support, causing disarray and planning the next phase.


New Zealand tackle. Hard.

No missed tackles.

Missed tackles create problems, missed tackles create space, missed tackles create opportunity for the enemy. Tackle now. Quash the opposition.

For an All Black, the tackle must be made, there is no other option.

Hard to emulate by other countries? Maybe.

Or is it just a matter of commitment?

Virtuous Circle of New Zealand Rugby

By the end of the game you are beat.

Hard tackling makes the victims not want to run, frightened, makes the opposition fall without being tackled.

Hard running absorbs tacklers, wears on the tackler, the tackler a less able runner.

The virtuous circle of New Zealand rugby.

A simple combo.

Tackle hard & run hard through tacklers.

Do this you win.

One feeds on the other.

One makes the other stronger.

The longer the game, the stronger New Zealand becomes.

The weaker you become.

A virtuous circle.

Everytime New Zealand play it is there for everybody to see, the technique and strategy is in the open, broadcast on TV.

Why are they unique?

Why are they not copied?

When New Zealand loses you know it was a great game. It has been the meeting of two unstoppable forces.

When other teams adopt the New Zealand mentality of running through tackles and tackling runners hard, the game will come down to a matter of wills.

Who will break? Who wants it more?

Maybe other teams prefer to lose.

They know where it leads if they meet New Zealand head on.

They don’t want to escalate, they know New Zealand are ready. Waiting.

So they fall in front of New Zealand tacklers, they don’t force New Zealand to tackle, they don’t wear New Zealand down.

They lose.

Losing to New Zealand hurts less if you give up.

If you fold.

Replace your players with ones who are committed because only commitment will beat New Zealand.

New Zealand are not powered by magic, they are powered by persistence and an iron-will.

New Zealand play with an iron mentality regardless of the opposition, regardless of the pressure, regardless of which way the game is going.

The New Zealand mentality is iron.

When they run into a tackler they are iron.

Iron does not collapse on it’s own, it must be taken down by strength, by force.

How strong is the tackler, I don’t know but I am iron and I will stay on my feet until I break free or pass.

I will not fall.

Iron does not fall without force.

The runner faces iron when they run into New Zealand.

I am iron.

Is my iron enough to tackle this player?

I don’t know, I will find out.

But this runner will face iron.

Iron is a mentality.

Iron is an essential mentality to beat New Zealand.

Only iron can beat New Zealand.

If you want to beat New Zealand iron must meet iron.

Any team that depends on weaknesses of their opposition will lose to New Zealand.

They are iron.

Why do other teams not play with an iron mentality?

I don’t know.

Teams with a rugby heritage have the skills to beat any other team.

Skill is not the difference between France and New Zealand.

Skill is not the difference between Wales and New Zealand.

The difference between New Zealand and the rest of the world is iron.

The iron mentailty

Iron does not come and go.

It does not change from game to game.

Skill, confidence, weather can change from game to game but iron is for the ages.

Iron is a principle. Thee principle.

When I enter the rugby field no matter the confidence I feel, no matter our last result, no matter the opposition, I am iron.

This is why New Zealand are so good, why they have been so good, why they will be so good.

They are iron.

Its not skill, it’s a mentality.

Iron is a principle, a state of mind which you use for every decision on the pitch.

An amateur team cannot beat a pro team but they can have the same mentality.

Skills can be taught in training but without iron their performances will be inconsistent.

Iron in the run

Iron in the tackle

Iron does not bend unless a force is applied and if the other teams does not exert a force the iron will win.


I hope New Zealand is not the only iron the World Cup.

I want to see a game of total commitment, a game that degenerates into a battle of wills, a game where iron meets iron, where both teams say “We will not lose”.

When it comes to country, it is not a matter of psychology, it is a matter of principle, a principle that says


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