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Is The McLaren MP4-12C The Next Darling Of The Tuning Industry? – Willl Ron Approve?

Many magazines have commented how the new McLaren is a light on emotion so maybe it is destined to become one of thee cars to be modified in 2012.

Mansory look like they have beaten everybody to the punch with their ECU and body kit upgrade.

EVO Magazine

German supercar tuning firm Mansory – responsible for tuning a Veyron– has released details and images of its upcoming tuning package for the McLaren MP4-12C, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

Not content with the standard 592bhp, Mansory has managed to squeeze an extra 68bhp from the twin-turbo V8. This is achieved by installing a high-performance exhaust system, new engine-management and sports air filter. Of course, 660bhp will give the car a higher top speed, but Mansory claims it will hit an impressive 219mph – up from 205mph.

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