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Koenigsegg Agera R faster than Veyron Supersports – Specs

Koenigsegg have been testing in Singapore and they have clocked some amazing performance figures

0-100kmh: Less than 3 seconds

0-300kmh/186mph: 14.53second, 14.6 for Veyron Supersports

0-200mph: 17.68 seconds

Stopping Times from

186mph:  6.66seconds

200mph:  7.28seconds

Power: 1100bhp

Torque: 885lbs/ft

Weight:  1435kg

Chris Harris of EVO Magazine has described the Agera R as fast as your body can handle after testing the car in Sweden in May/June 2011

Made in Sweden by hand, Koenigsegg are showing what is possible by a small company with excellent technical expertise.

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