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Laverty vs Melandri World Superbike Monza 2011

As you can probably tell, StrikeEngine is a car focussed website but we are fans of all types of motorsport. The World Superbike round at Monza this year (2011) and specifically the second race was an epic. Max Biaggi was clearly the class of the field but he made a lot of mistakes in both races which ultimately cost him both races.

The Aprillia was the superior bike on the weekend, highlighted by the fact that he simply drove around Melandri and Laverty into Ascari during the first race. The second race was the highlight for us, Laverty was starting well back in the pack and it was always going to be interesting seeing him scythe through the pack and towards the front.

Biaggi though was off to an absolute flier and had opened up what looked like an indestructible lead. Sadly for Biaggi, it wasn’t to be, he outbraked himself going into the first corner and didn’t use the marked out lane to rejoin the track after he straightlined the first chicane (pendantic really as he was on his own, but for a change, rules were rules for the Italians and he got a ride through penalty)

This left Melandri and Laverty out front to sort out the lead. Jamie Whitham who was commentating on Eurosport called it really early, with something like 3 laps to go he declared “Laverty has got a plan” and sure enough he did. Despite Melandri making what looked like a big mistake at the sencond chicane Laverty showed the commitment to his plan that was quite frankly, bordering on stupidity because he didn’t take the advantage and pass Melandri, but nevertheless it made for an absolute nail biter of a final lap. We called it as a ovetaking manoeuver on the brakes going into the Parabolica and sure enough that is what happened.

Melandri knew Laverty’s plan, we knew Laverty’s plan, Jamie Whitham knew Laverty’s plan and Melandri to his credit, did try to be the last of the late brakers going into the Parabolica, unfortunately he was too late, ran wide and allowed Laverty to take an extremley impressive win.

We are looking forward to see how Laverty does for the rest of they year!

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