Limited Slip Differential Manufacturers
During high speed cornering there is more force placed on the outside wheel which can lead to the inside wheel breaking traction, resulting in no forward drive. This can lead to massive instability and is potentially very dangerous. A limited slip diff limits the speed differential between the two wheels, when it senses that the speed difference has become to great it applies a force (normally this force is applied by the opposite wheel when it has grip) from which the driven wheel can use to drive forward. more limited slip differential information

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Drexler Motorsport
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Limited Slip Differential

Drexler Motorsport, GmbH, Salzweg, Germany
Drexler Motorsport represents innovative motorsport technology in the range of drive line technology for racing cars and exclusive sports cars limited slip differentials and driveline components by Drexler are used in numerous racing series by professional and amateur racing drivers. The product range of Drexler Motorsport varies from FB WTCC, truck racing to even historical cars. Every limited slip differential can be equipped with customised setups and adjustable characteristic diagrams. Further products are tripod drive shaft systems, wheel hubs and brake disc hubs. Since January 2007 Drexler has taken charge of the distribution and service of Pankl F3 and Group N gearboxes.

Geartronics Ltd, Sheffield, UK
Geartronics Lld design and manufacture advanced sequential gearbox control and display systems. The new pneumatic paddleshift system features one of the most sophisticated GCU's yet to be seen on an aftermarket shifter. Using a fully closed loop control algorithm, the system is able to complete a shift in as little as 30ms. The system features highly sophisticated engine and gearbox protection strategies and also on-board datalogging of the gearshift functions

Transmission - Limited Slip Differentials (LSD)

OS Giken
The OS Giken Super Lock LSD is a unique mechanical 1.5-way LSD design.* Unlike most LSD centres of this type, which use only 6-8 plates per side, the OS Giken centre has been designed to carry 14 plates per side! This gives the Super Lock LSD unparalleled smoothness and ensures total locking under load.

The first reaction is that people really notice the difference in the steering response under power. The car steers tighter - on the throttle the car goes toward the apex. The guys who live in the snow and the ice really love the added winter traction". If those descriptions sound to you like the way people describe the action of the high-priced Torsional differential, you're on the right track. Make no mistake, this under $100 easy to install product is no substitute for a $1,000-plus Torsional installation. However, it's a great alternative for the person on a limited budget or the racer in classes that do not allow a full-on limited slip or special differential. The original pre-load differential was introduced with the second year GTI, back in 1983 on the 1984 models. New, it felt like a limited slip on the rack, but one turn by hand and it was clear that the two or three pounds of preload it offered was of little or no value as a limited slip. It was probably added by the factory to reduce vibration, but that didn't stop the less-scrupulous tuners from touting it as a limited slip, even in stock form ! This upgrade isn't something new, either. Peloquin's came out simpler Stage I version with about 25 pounds of breakaway torque some five years ago, after a solid year of development and Peloquin's-style testing - which is to say severe testing. In February of 1996, Peloquin added the StageII Diff Upgrade with about 85 pounds of breakaway torque, obtained by further modifications to the brass washers and more preload. Which kit should you have? Garys advice is, "The Stage I kit works pretty well for the person with the bolt on 8V, i.e., bolt-on tuning items like a cam and exhaust. ( Stage I No longer available ) Stage II is essential to the 16V owner and to those with more involved 8V motors." What's the Diff Upgrade do to differentail life? Not much, one way or the other, Peloquin stated. It recommends the shims and brass washers be replaced at the 50,000-mile mark, or after every season for the racers.

Pro-Shift Technologies Ltd, Derby, UK
Pro-Shift produce titanium paddle operated gearshift solutions for almost any sequentially geared vehicle This allows the driver an Fl style experience with both clutch less up and down shifting available

Transmission - Complete gearboxes and transmissions, 2WD and 4WD, automatic torque biasing limited slip differentials, gearkits and uprated gearboxes and transmissions which fit the original gearbox casing.

WavetracŪ: Designed from a clean sheet using state-of-the-art knowledge and engineering to be a better differential than any other. It uses a patent pending design to improve grip in low traction conditions.