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Low Profile vs High Profile Tyres – Which is best for a daily driver?

So the car came with 15 inch wheels and high profile tyres 195/60-15, from the factory (yes, this was normal in the 90’s) and for a few years I changed up to 18 inch wheels with low profile tyres 225/40-18.

Having run both, which do I think is the best for a daily driver?

High profile tyres, every day of the week. (For a daily drive driven on average or worse quality roads)

The pluses of low profile tyres

Better turn in. When you turn the wheel, the car turns. No delay the car just tracks into the corner.

Obviously looks. 18s look the business.

Faster across country for the same effort

That’s its

The pluses of high profile tyres

MUCH better ride quality. The difference in comfort is simply massive

Price. Smaller tyres are around 40% cheaper

Weight. Smaller wheels and tyres are much lighter which means

Better steering – More steering feel, lighter steering (less gyroscopic momentum)

Better braking – Less effort required for same braking force (less rotational weight to slow down)

Better acceleration – Less interia

Better fuel economy – Less rolling resistance and less wind resistance

More entertaining – Easier to approach limits. Don’t need to go so fast.

Why would you fit low profile tyres?


Brake clearance

Grip, (if the tire width you need is not available in a smaller diameter)

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