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New TVR OEM Replacement Chassis – Only 3750 GBP plus VAT

The new TVR Power OEM chassis, which will initially be available for every variant of Griffith and Chimaera, will be on sale for just £3,750 plus VAT -shipping costs will be additional.

Not only that, but they will also be available off the shelf. Dom continues, “Whilst both TVR Power and RT Racing are happy to offer a full strip down, replacement and rebuild service, that isn’t what the new OEM chassis is all about. Our main aim is to offer these OEM replacement parts the same as most other replacement parts; off the shelf.

So you should be able to drive in, pay for your new chassis and drive off with it. You will also have the option for us to ship your new chassis to whichever TVR service centre may be carrying out the replacement work for you. We are offering the customer full flexibility.” The new OEM chassis will be kept in stock at both TVR Power and RT Racing in standard whitepowder coat, but many other colours are available upon request.

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