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“No Disc” Fix – DVD Player

So the old Samsung DVD player I had lying around threw a “No Disc” error when loading a new DVD.

Changing the DVD made no difference, same “No Disc” error.

After doing a bit of Googling “no disc samsung dvd” the general consensus is the laser is probably dirty.

The suggestion to clean the laser?

Compressed air into the DVD tray or using a DVD cleaning disc.

I wasn’t prepared to go to the hassle of using compressed air and also I was skeptical of its effectiveness.

I didn’t have a DVD cleaning discs


I thought I would take the unit apart.

Easy enough, 4 bolts on the rear and the cover comes off with a bit of flexing

Locating the laser.

Find the disc tray and then find the mechanism that holds the laser, it also goes in and out. Like the arm of a record player.

A bit difficult to see on the model I had but moving my eye close enough I found it (search for images on Google “dvd laser”). Getting out my trusty cotton buds, with zero liquids or additives, dry, I wiped the surface of the laser a few times, back and forth with a bit of spinning.

Moment of truth and BOOM. It works as normal. No more “No Disc Error”

Putting everything back together and found another problem.

No output from the SCART socket or the DVI socket, luckily the composite output worked. Job done.

To think I was this close to throwing out a functioning DVD player!

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