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Porsche’s 2021 992 Turbo S is a 640 HP, $200,000+ Daily Driver – One Take

By TheSmokingTire



As usual, an extremely watchable car review from the Smoking Tire.

As you would expect from Porsche, it’s more of the same, excellent to drive, great build quality and its fast, Matt Farah is well pleased except for the weight of the car which is now around 1800kg.

The review was going so well for Porsche until the end where it seems to me, Matt shits on the Turbo S by saying the Carrera S or Carrera 4S is basically them same car for a lot less money and that the Turbo S would be just as good if it had a 150 less bhp. Basically the Turbo S in unnecessarily fast.

I thought this was extremely harsh on Porsche.

Matt had the car for a day. I think its fair to say he drove it around town, a little bit of freeway driving (where he got pulled over almost immediately) and then in the mountains/canyons.

So yes, I understand why he would say the Turbo S is effectively pointless.

If this is where you are going to driving the car then I can see his point.

If on the other hand you live in Germany or in any country where you can put your foot down then I am sure, the Turbo S is going to give you significantly more satisfaction than the Carrera S because you will be able to use the extra power more often.

If you decide to take the car on track occasionally (and the track is fast) again, I think you will be glad you have the Turbo S, if you can afford it.

In short, I think it was a bit disingenuous to say the Turbo S was effectively pointless.

Having said all that I understand Matt’s point about regulations forcing cars to become more similar ie to meet emissions standards cars need to be turbocharged and that makes it more difficult for Porsche to differentiate the Turbo from the lesser models now and I also understand the point that there is always pressure on sports cars manufacturers especially, that they have to make their cars faster with each generation.

Inevitably all the models will become faster and there is only so fast a car can go, so the difference between the models is inevitably going to become less.

You could argue that car manufacturers need to become more inventive.

More inventive with the ways they differentiate their sport models from the normal models eg not just using speed to be the differentiating factor, for example maybe they could use lap times to be different, their suspension set up could be different. Matt says the Turbo S near enough as makes no difference feels exactly the same as the Carrera S, maybe Porsche could do something with the suspension that makes the difference more pronounced.

Likewise with the interior. Instead of using the same basic architecture for every model, maybe they interiors could be different, maybe not a big difference, perhaps just the centre console being smaller in the lesser models.

Whatever the case may be speed is going to be less and less of a factor when it comes to buying decisions in the future so there needs to be something else to give people a reason to pony up the extra cash on the Turbo models over the Carrera S models.

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