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Pro Formance Metals Limited Metal Supplies

Pro Formance Metals was formed in August 2010 to service the Motorsport, Niche Vehicle and Defence Industries, ISO 9001:2008 was gained within the first 12 months of trading which has allowed us to supply to the Aerospace Industry as well as others.

Within the business we have two members of staff that have worked with many blue chip teams / companies as well as many thousands of home builder / racers within the Motorsports Industry (worldwide), serving material knowledge, applications and material supply from products such as BS4T45 to BS5T100 Tube in accordance with BS6S100 conditions, BS2S515 (BS2S514 softened) to BS3S100 Condition (full specifications and not cheap nasty copy materials found within the industry),we have even developed our own material that meets both FIAand MSA regs for Roll Cages called ROPT510, this can also be used on suspension, Chassis and many other parts with a vehicle construction (details on Web Site ).

Pro Formance Metals are a company that cares about its Industry and customers which is why we treat everyone with the same respect no matter how much you are spending, motorsport is dangerous which is why we offer the best materials knowing they will offer the best protection possible – we will not sell you a product that you do not require or need.

Contact us by Phone, Fax, or E-Mail – details can be found at and find out for yourself.
By: Pro Formance Metals Limited

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