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Remap vs Tuning Box – Which is best?

Its a false question. A remap & a tuning box are two different things for two different purposes.

Tuning boxes are designed for standard cars, are designed for engines which are completely standard ie engines without any modifications


Tuning boxes cannot work, are not designed to work on cars which have been modified

Remaps can be used on engines which are not modified, the fact that you don’t have something physical for your money, the fact that you have to rewrite the factory software and all the potential warranty issues that go with plus the risk that dealer updates may overwrite the remap, it makes the tuning box the more natural solution. Maybe the ultimate power will be less but it should be close, and a tuning box is much easier, ie it is something most people can install themselves without tools.

Remaps find their home on modified engines. Modified engines are out of warranty anyway, you are probably not taking your car to the main dealer if you are running a bigger turbo plus a tuning box will be useless to you. You have two options, either a remap or a piggyback ECU/standalone ECU

In short

Tuning box for standard engines

Remaps for modified engines

Both products have their place and a role they are most suited to.


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