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Social Media Advertising – RSS is *ESSENTIAL*

Most content management systems (eg WordPress) have RSS built in, so it takes zero work to have an RSS feed working your business.

So why do some companies ignore it and instead give their content to Facebook, for free?

Why are companies writing articles and not using them to bring customers to their business?

Why are companies sending their customers to Facebook?

Facebook censors your posts.

If you have 6000 followers, it’s possible that less than 5% of that number actually see what you write. (Unless you pay!)

Share with the world

RSS is a superpower.

You can your share your news and articles with the world and yes even with Facebook. Automatically.

Put content on your website, let RSS and distribute your news to your Facebook page automatically

If you are writing articles on Facebook and not on your own website, you need to change.

Write the article on your site and then share it with Facebook. Don’t give Facebook exclusivity on your news. You don’t need to write your news twice. Create it once on your website and let RSS do the rest.

Make your business the source of your content and let people read on Facebook, if they want, don’t force people away from your business and on to Facebook. Facebook doesn’t share the things you write with all of your followers, RSS does.

Why have some companies stopped using RSS?

Because they think other websites will “copy” their news & articles?

If a free advertisment is copying then I guess yeah, they are correct…

God forbid bloggers “copy” your article onto their website and distribute it to their readers.

God forbid your news gets syndicated over tens or hundreds of websites, including Facebook.

An great example of how a blogger and media agency promotes a business, for free. Give people the chance to promote your business, use RSS. Let people who trust your business, promote your business.

But you want to know how many people read your article.

You want people to visit your website not someone else’s

(Let us ignore the fact that this is exactly what people are doing when they write on Facebook and not on their own website. They are giving their visitors to Facebook instead of themselves.)

No problem, WordPress or any decent website building software will allow you to customize how much content you share with the world.

The full article or an excerpt.

Give the world an excerpt and link back to the original full article on your website. Automatically. Let RSS do the hard work for you.

Spread a teaser to the world with RSS & bring the customers back to your website for the full article.

Own your content.

  • Don’t give Facebook exclusivity on your content
  • Share your content with the world
  • Let other websites share your content with the world
  • Control how much content other people can share
  • Get visitors from the sites that share your content

RSS is a no brainer.

RSS feeds are probably the most powerful social media advertising tool

RSS can be the foundation of all your social media activities, Facebook, Twitter, Email newsletters, Instagram, Pinterest.

Automatically updating your Pinterest account when you write an article on your website. You can also automatically update your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You can also send out a newsletter with your news. Just install the relevant app on your social account and for email use Mailchimp. All from having an RSS feed for your business.

RSS is a tool, use it.

Everything can be built on RSS and automated.

Let RSS be the foundation of your Facebook content

Let RSS be the foundation of your Twitter content.

Multiply the power of your articles and news.

Let it spread throughout the world, let it spread throughout your social media platforms.

Use RSS and amplify your reach. Let the internet and news websites advertise your business for free.

Add an RSS feed to your website.

Reduce your social media workload and save time.

Work smarter not harder.

The videos below show how people can read your RSS on their computer, tablet, phone. Which is great.

But the real power of RSS comes from

  • Allowing other websites to republish and promote your content while sending customers back to your website.
  • Slashing the time you spend on social media creating posts. RSS lets you update all your social media accounts automatically from one place, your website. Let your apps update your social media automatically.

Make it easy for people to read and share news from your business

How people read your RSS

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