Storm Chasers Discover Channel Europe – 2011 Storm Season

Storm Chasers (USA) – (UK) is the official StrikeEngine top 3 of awesome tv series.

The “first” episode of the 2011 storm season was shown on Discover Channel last night.

There had been constant buildup to this episode in the usual Discover Channel way.

So I tuned in last night and as usual it was brilliant. I was going to write this article and focus on the Reed Timmer issue.

Does it seem to anybody else that his team love it when he makes mistakes?

But while I was looking to find out what series of Storm Chasers was being shown, (because Europeans are always a year behind the US) I found this, the official Storm Chasers website.

And you know what?

Not only is Europe around 6 months behind the US it turns out that the best episode in the series has been omitted from the Discovery channel line up in Europe.

Yes that’s right, probably the most action packed episode in Storm Chaser history and Discovery Channel has skipped it.

And not only that, their whole advertising for the last 3 months building up to this Storm Chasers series has highlighted the fact that  on the 2nd of April they will be showing the first episode of the new series when this is false.

Is Discovery deliberately lying to its audience? Who knows?

Maybe you think I’m overreacting about Storm Chasers, in which case I would say you have not sat down to watch an episode!

Anyway, what’s left of the US series is being shown in Discovery at 7 pm GMT, 8pm CET on Mondays. Check it out. StrikeEngine recommended.

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