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Street Nationals – Drag Racing Show, Santa Pod

Street Nationals – A show dedicated to drag racing where visitors can also take part in the competition

The Street Nationals returns! Replacing the PTM Show with an event that combines grass-roots participation motorsport with real drag racing competition from top modified car racing classes. This is the bridge that spans the gap between track days and real racing… and there’s no speed limit!

Whether you are here to watch the racing or take part yourself, this is an event that welcomes all makes and models of cars, and encourages you to take part.

Run What Ya Brung Competition with Elimination Finals!
Saturday: Qualifying all day

Sunday: Morning qualifying followed by eliminations

A new concept in Run What Ya Brung competitions – competitors sign on for normal Run What Ya Brung on either Saturday or Sunday. All times set will be recorded and the top four cars from each of the four competition classes will then be offered the chance to compete in Sunday afternoon eliminations.

This is where things get serious, as the 16 remaining cars will have to beat the guy in the other lane to progress to the next round. Reaction times are important, not just ETs. First to the finish line goes through!

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