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The top videos & articles on over the past 4 days

Eventuri have released a new video for their 8V RS3 intake system. Nice video.


S4 Crash Repair. This guy works miracles

Nerdy vid – Everything you NEED to know about the RB26 motor

Autosport magazine podcast, Why Formula 1 keeps getting it wrong. Not sure if I can agree with this. Compared to any other motorsport series in the world, F1 is head and shoulders above in popularity, F1 is obviously doing something right. But I would suggest the actual racing has very little to do with F1’s popularity and everything to do with the disproportiante amount of news coverage it gets around the world compared to ANY OTHER race series. Take the F1 articles away in Malayasian newspapers or Russian news broadcasts and F1 would be just as popular as any other race series. here is the podcast

Not sure what is going on at Williams. It seems like things have been going downhill since Frank Williams daughter took over. As for Lowe, maybe he was not working miracles at Mercedes F1 after all…

Mercedes F1 Technical director, James Allison gives an explanation and overview of the 2019 car vs the 2018 car

F1 again. Charlie Whiting, utterly clueless as usual, can’t understand the issue that Toto raised….

Koenigsegg Jesko behind the scenes per Geneva Motorshow. Always an absolute pleasure listening to Christian talk about his car, I mean this car has touchscreens on the steering wheel

Fascinating chat with the designer of the Voiture Noire Bugatti. “Automobile Au Couture”  Super passion. “We have never been so close to art with a car”

NASCAR – Is Ricky Stenhouse too aggressive? I think aggressive is the wrong word. The guy uses the aggression at the wrong times. As the lady pointed out in the video. He makes enemies for no good reason
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