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PDK Transmission Tuning at Cobb – VIDEO Quick Walk Around

Brief look at PDK transmission tuning

By Gears and Gasoline

Car TV @


0:18 HQ interior shots

0:35 Customer service

0:50 Warehouse

1:10 Lathe/Mills

1:29 Exhaust pipe bending & welding

1:50 Garage

2:04 Cobb dyno

2:24 Cobb Accesport programming and repair

2:36 Engineering R&D

3:09 Transmission tuning

3:40 2014 Porsche 991 Turbo

3:50 Tuned engines, higher power levels

4:08 Sequential gearbox map

4:30 No crepping

4:40 Pull back to change up

5:00 PDK like two separate gearboxes working together

5:40 Removing clutch slip, increasing life of clutches

6:10 The future of transmission tuning

6:55 Some people prefer transmission tuning to engine tuning

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