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Verstappen vs Bottas Monza 2018 – Should be banned for 1 race

Verstappen’s defense from Bottas at Monza was not in itself worth a one race ban.

But Verstappen has developed a bad habit of moving in braking areas. He did it to his team mate Ricciardo in Baku causing a huge accident and he has done it again at Monza with Bottas

He has got into a bad habit which needs to be cured, a one race ban, maybe that would help

I’m all for a bit of contact and close racing but moving across racing lines in a braking area is idiotic. Stick to your line and block pass if you want.

Or, in the case of Bottas Verstappen at Monza, dont defend by trying to run another driver off the road or forcing another driver to back off, take your medicine, deal with it at the apex of the corner, just make sure you have your nose ahead if he tries to go around the outside.

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Dont get me wrong, I think Verstappen is a great tonic for F1 and for sure he is one of the reasons I watch the 2018 season but stupid moves getting repeated is a big turn off

Ban Verstappen for one race, let him take his medicine and hopefully Verstappen can carry on as he is bar the cutting across lines under braking.

There is a difference between commitment/aggression and stupidity

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