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You Tube Tuner Videos – by EVO and Impreza Tuner

I was looking for something completely different but I stumbled upon this You Tube Channel

At first I was thinking the guy was a bit of a wally but the more videos I watched the more I was convinced the guy actually knows what he his doing. His persona is maybe a little unorthodox from what you might believe a skilled tuner to be but this guy, Big Al, puts his money where is mouth is.

He builds Impreza and EVO motors and he tunes EVO and Impreza motors and then and he puts the results on You Tube to show the world. You can’t say fairer than that.

His daily driver Impreza runs lows 11s for the quarter mile and he regularly includes his customers in his videos. I am not sure if his You Tube popularity brought him his international customers but whatever the case maybe this guy has gone to 2 different South American countries to build and tune customers cars.

Check out his channel here if you want to see a craftsmen that really loves his job, the Impreza and EVOs

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